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Radio is Extremely Popular for Campaign Against Rape in Nigeria

Members of a radio listeners’ group sit around a radio placed on a drum in Mpape village on the outskirts of Nigeria’s capital Abuja. Image Credits: © 2012 Akintunde Akinleye/NURHI Courtesy of Photoshare.  

Radio is An Extremely Popular Media in Awareness, A Critical Step the Care of Victims of Sexual Violence

In Port Harcourt, Nigeria, three radio stations are helping to transmit information on the availability of care against sexual violence. This remains cleaving, but the live interview Clare Brennan, head of psychological activities, helped to break the ice.

"Radio is extremely popular in Nigeria. This is a very fast means of distribution to millions of people. The animators wanted to better understand sexual violence. Each week, we discussed the problem from a different angle. The interviews were interactive. Listeners were able to call and send messages to ask questions or share experiences. We are sure that the radio contributes significantly to the community's awareness of the problem of sexual violence. "

 A young girl receives treatment at the MSF sexual violence clinic in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
Intervene in universities
In Port Harcourt, awareness also involves more specific campaigns such as that conducted in several schools of the city, last September, at the beginning of the academic year. Clare Brennan and Kiera Sargeant, respectively responsible for psychological and medical activities, participated in this campaign.

"The students are particularly vulnerable and are often targets of sexual violence. We made presentations in various faculties and distributed posters and brochures. We have also held meetings with the staff of the campus infirmary. Moreover, our team identified various student organizations to help us disseminate information. We also contacted the police stations located near the campus. We were able to enjoy the results of this campaign when we started receiving student victims.

Thus, a girl aged 20 was in his dormitory when a group of armed boys arose. They told her they would kill her if she refused to have sex with them. She learned about the MSF clinic through posters which were displayed on campus and she came to us for treatment. "

SOURCE Doctors Without Borders.  

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