Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Culture Is Not Static. It’s Dynamic.- Wole Soyinka

“Culture is not static. It’s dynamic. It constantly evolves. There are hard-core materials in any culture, but culture itself, especially the practice, in view of greater knowledge, discoveries, even as a result of learning from other cultures, we adopt what we have always considered sacrosanct, because at the bottom of it all, at the heart of it all, culture is about human beings, about humanity.

“There’s no culture without humanity. It’s human beings who create culture and who are guided by it and who adapt them.

“So, when I read anything which suggests that a culture is sacrosanct, I just wonder on what planet they are living, because history contradicts this absolutely.” 

 ~ Prof. Wole Soyinka, first black Nobel laureate in Literature on Ese: don’t mix criminality with religion.  

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