Thursday, March 17, 2016

Defend Yourselves Against Hausa Fulani Terrorists By All Means Possible

Defend Yourselves Against Hausa Fulani Terrorists By All Means Possible 

Hausa Fulani herdsmen on killing spree in the middle belt of Nigeria have continued to invade more communities and killing more people with the gruesome murder of teenagers in Benue Community

The victims in all the communities attacked by these rampaging Hausa Fulani terrorists should stop whining and start defending themselves by all means possible. 

If Hausa Fulani herdsmen can carry and use military weapons, you should also arm and defend yourselves with military weapons until the federal government intervenes and disarms them. 

Crying, lamenting and weeping over the corpses of your people murdered by these beasts will not save you from further terrorist attacks. 

The impunity of these lawless Hausa Fulani herdsmen trespassing and terrorizing other Nigerians must stop. 

Any government that cannot guaranty the safety and security of the citizens is an incompetent government.  

The only solution now is to arm and defend yourselves by all means possible and even if you have to nuke these marauding terrorists, do so to put an end to their attacks and save your lives and secure your future in your lands. 


Fulani herdsmen kill 2, sack 25 villages in Benue
Vanguard - 1 day ago 
Fulani-herdsman. The attackers also rendered close to 3,000 homeless after several houses ...
15 feared dead as Fulani herdsmen attack another Benue community
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