Tuesday, August 4, 2015

GTBank's "African Pride" TV Commercial Celebrates A New Nigeria

Have you seen GTBank's new TV commercial "African Pride"?

This is the best Nigerian bank TV commercial so far from all I have seen since 1980 to date and I have seen them all.

The "African Pride" is more like a short film of the Nigerian Dream for the nation building of a New Nigeria in the leadership of Africa in the world.
It is the kind of TV commercial that the Nigerian government should show on CNN, SKY, BBC and all the other major global TV networks for the world to see the new face of Nigeria as the fastest developing nation in Africa and one of the fastest growing economies in the world today.
I give the "African Pride" TV commercial maximum five stars rating, because it is a world class advert by all international standards. It should make the Cannes Lions next year.
 African Pride 

There is a place the whole world is talking about. That place is Africa, and for good reason too. Africa has emerged and is still rising to do great and unexpected things. At GTBank, we are empowering the people of Africa to achieve those great and unexpected things.
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