Saturday, August 29, 2015

Churches That Cannot Keep Their Environments Clean Are Far Away From God

Photo Credit: Nigerian Eye.

 Churches that cannot keep their environments clean are far away from God, because God does not like dirty people and filthy environments.
As the popular saying goes "Cleanliness is next to Godliness".
The fact that majority of Nigerians are very dirty and unhygienic and live in very filthy environments from their homes to their churches is enough evidence of their fake Christianity.
If you want to know the spiritual state of any christian home and church, just peep into their toilet and what you see is actually what they are.

How can you go to church and be scared to use the toilet, because the toilet is horrible!

It is not easy for me to go to church and the pastor says "join hands with a brother or sister to pray" and the hands you are holding are slimy.
How infectious diseases have been spread in Nigeria by dirty unwashed hands of unhygienic Nigerians who go to toilet and don't wash their hands with soap or don't even wash their hands at all and go on to hold and shake hands with others.

Now you know why majority of Nigerians confess and profess Christianity and Islam, but Nigeria is still very corrupt and dirty and filthy and the environmental pollution in Nigeria is as terrible as the corruption plaguing Nigeria.

If you see the toilets of many of the fast foods restaurants in Nigeria, you will flee from their foods.
Even at the local and international airports in Nigeria, the toilets look like hell.
I was once at MM2 airport and to even sit and eat in the restaurant was a nightmare, because the nearby toilet was smelling and made the place nauseating.
FIE! God forbids uncleanness.

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October 9, 2013 : Comfort Oseghale

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