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Ekulo International Limited Relaunches Baron De Valls Wine in Nigeria

Ekulo International Limited Relaunches Baron De Valls Wine

~ By Ingram Osigwe

The Nigerian wine market is set to receive the Ekulo impact. This is because Ekulo International limited, one of Nigeria’s foremost distributors of consumer products and international manufacturers’ representatives is currently beaming the spotlight on one of its most valued brands on the Nigerian market, Baron De Valls class of wines. To this end the company will on Tuesday,March 26,2013 re-launch the product. The event will holds at Welcome Centre Hotel, International Airport Road, Ikeja, Lagos.

The classy wine range has brands that cover all varieties and classifications in the connoisseurs’ list and has variants such as Red, Rose and White. Baron De Valls has been in the Nigerian market for a while and has never lacked patronage. Consumers are emphatic that Baron de Valls opened the wine taste bud of many Nigerians. The product is however re-storming the Nigerian wine market with a big bang.
In re-launching this choice brand, therefore, Ekulo international Ltd hopes to further furnish its vast retinue of loyal consumers with information on the advantages of the product, its competent price regimes and its availability.

Baron de Valls are a range of excellent wines, made with a selection of the best grapes, that is full of flavours like Cherry, ripe fruit, creamy oak, minerals and a sweet finish. Baron De Valls have great taste which makes it very outstanding. They also have sufficient percentage of alcohol which makes them ideal for any party or get together. Baron de Valls wine recently thrilled her teeming admirers with more wine varieties by the debut of Baron De Valls Cabernet Sauvignon, Baron De Valls Cava Brut and Brut Rose.

Baron de Valls is produced by the Bodegas Gandia winery in Valencia, Spain. Founded in 1885, it is the leading winery in Valencia (Spain’s foremost wine region) with international presence in 85 countries. The winery has presence in 10 different appellations of origin where high quality, reasonable prices and consistency from one vintage to the next are the winery’s hallmarks. Today the winery is run by Jose Maria Gandia, the founder’s grandson.

Bodegas Gandia has grown to be undisputed as one of the most professional wine making outfits in Spain. To sell millions of bottles, year after year in such difficult and demanding markets as the UK, the wines must be free of any weaknesses and to achieve this, the best of managerial practices is needed and that is what Bodegas Gandia does.
According to Jose Maria Gandía, president of the winery:
“our philosophy is simple; our wines must meet one single objective: not ‘good’ but ‘great’. We market high quality wines from the most important wine regions at the fairest price possible. We represent quality, value and most of all character and heritage, we are proud of both the wine we speak for and the people behind it.”

In celebrating its 125th anniversary, Vicente Gandia winery remains true to the values it held when it was created, to combine tradition with internationalization, to back innovation with quality, to be committed to promoting wine culture and to contribute to welfare and progress of society.

Ekulo assures numerous consumers of Baron De valls as well as new converts to the brand that Baron De Valls range of wines are available in shops, malls, supermarkets and in wholesale quantities with all major dealers of the company’s products, not only in Nigeria, but all over the west coast of Africa. According to Ekulo,not only are the prices excellent, the company’s distribution network makes it easy to locate Baron de valls in every hamlet, village and towns in Nigeria.In Lagos for example,Baron De Valls is visible in major supermarkets and bars throughout the metropolis. It is also the choice brand of event managers and organizers.
For Connoisseurs in Victoria Island, Baron de Valls has a comfortable nest at Ekulo Wine World, a top grade wine shop located in the upscale Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.
The wine is excellent for marriages, birthdays, luncheons, AGMs, anniversaries, love feasts and all kinds of get together. Most important of all, it is excellent for cooking and for a resounding healthy meal in a domestic menu. Its affordability makes it the home maker’s favourite.

Epidemiological studies have consistently demonstrated that moderate consumption of wine is statistically associated with a decrease in cardiovascular illness such as heart failure. Moderate wine drinkers have a lower risk of heart problems than non-drinkers. Studies have also shown that there are greater benefits for red wine than white wine. Red wines contain a lot of polyphenols which are particularly protective against cardiovascular diseases. Red wine also contains a substance known as resveratrol, produced in the skins of grape. Resveratrol is proven to have cardio-protective and chemo-protective effects and have wide influence on genetic factors related to aging, thus reducing the negative effects of aging. White wine has little resveratrol due to the manufacturing process which engenders limited contact with the grape skins. Other beneficial compounds in red wine also include anti-oxidants and flavonoids.


To benefit fully from the resveratrol in wine, it is recommended to sip slowly when drinking. Due to inactivation in the gut and liver, most of the resveratrol consumed while drinking red wine does not reach blood circulation. However when sipping slowly, absorption via the mucus membranes in the mouth can result in up to 100 percent increment in blood levels of resveratrol.

Media Contact:
Mr. Ingram Adichie Osigwe
MD/CEO Fullpage International Communications Limited.

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