Wednesday, May 6, 2015

African Blind & Restoration Foundation Supports Nigerwives Braille Book Production Centre in Computer Literacy for Visually Impaired Students

Dr. Phil Osagie presenting the cheque of the donation to Mrs. Megan Olusanya, Administrator of Nigerwives Braille Book Production Centre, Mrs. Yasmeen Abudu, the Deputy Administrator.

African Blind & Restoration Foundation on Wednesday May 6, 2015, donated more money to the Nigerwives Braille Book Production Centre at the Kings College Annex, Victoria Island, Lagos. The generous donation was made at the presentation of certificates of achievement to blind students who benefited from the computer literacy training sponsored by the foundation with the support of JSP Communications Limited.

Mrs. Yasmeen Abudu, Dr. Phil Osagie, Mrs. Izarene Zellotis Aret-Adams and Mrs. Megan Olusanya. 
Dr. Phil Osagie, Mrs, Yasmeen Abudu and Mrs. Megan Olusanya.

At the event Dr. Phil Osagie, Founder and member of the board of trustees of the foundation reiterated the commitment of the foundation to prevention of blindness; educating the blind and encouraging them that there is hope in life, being visually impaired not withstanding.
The computer literacy training includes providing the blind with special software known as JAWS, which enables the blind to have access to speech on the computer and the computer talks to the user, who uses the keyboard to respond, without a mouse.

Mr. Michael Fadeyi, Dr. Phil Osagie presenting a certificate to Temiday Jatula, Mrs. Yasmeen Abudu and Mrs. Megan Olusanya. 

Mrs. Megan Olusanya, Administrator of Nigerwives Braille Book Production Centre, Mrs. Yasmeen Abudu, the Deputy Administrator and Mr. Tunde Mohammed, Head of the Computer Centre thanked Dr. Osagie who was accompanied by Michael Fadeyi, a member of the board of trustees, executive committee member of the Nigeria Association of the Blind (NAB) and producer at Voice of Nigeria (VON) who has been active in the modern education and support of visually impaired persons in Nigeria; Mr. Steve Ajayi of JSP Communications Limited and Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, Publisher/Editor of Nigerians Report Online and Founder of Girls United Together for Success (GUTS) project in Nigeria.
Others present at the event included Adeola Aina, Mrs. Emem Billy, Ms. Eno Dan, Israel Obisanya, Mrs. Mercy Williams and some of the recipients of the certificates, Mr. Justin Anywu, Miss Maryanne Ossai and Miss Temidayo Jatula.

 Dr. Phil Osagie congratulating the recipients. 
Michael Fadeyi, Dr. Phil Osagie and Mr. Justin Anyawu.
Mrs. Yasmeen Abudu, Mrs. Megan Olusanya, Mr. Justin Anyawu and Miss Temidayo Jatula.

Dr. Osagie, the philanthropist is a respected international Public Relations professional and global strategist, an advisor to notable CEOs, Fortune 500 companies, frequent business speaker and specialist on emerging markets. And he is also part time university lecturer

“If you want One year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want 10 years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want 100 years of prosperity, grow people.”
~ Ancient Chinese Proverb

About Nigerwives Braille Book Production Centre
Nigerwives Braille Book Production Centre. The Centre is a national charity project of Nigerwives-Nigeria (RC5527), an association of foreign wives of Nigerians resident in Nigeria. The aims of the association include:
• to work for the smooth integration of foreign wives into Nigerian Society and family life;
• to keep abreast of regulations and proposals relating to the status of foreign wives of Nigerian citizens resident in Nigeria;
• to establish or assist in social projects of benefit to the Nigerian community.
Mission of the Centre
To provide educational services for the blind to enable them to achieve their optimum educationally and attain an independent livelihood as adults, contributing positively to the communities in which they live and work.

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