Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Ariel Automatic Will Keep Your Clothes Beautiful for Longer Period



The highest standard of cleaning in ONE wash – now for Automatic


Ariel understands that sometimes we fall out of love with our favourite item of clothing, and most of the time we don’t know why, but this is what Ariel Fibre Scientists study. We know that our senses work together to influence our perception of the beauty of our clothes (their look, feel and scent) making an unconscious decision to accept or reject them. Wash after wash, clothes can lose the look, feel and smell that we used to adore, so we start to relegate them to the back of our wardrobe. Therefore it is crucial that fabric care not only cleans our clothes (that goes without saying), BUT it should also protect and enhance them so that our favourite garments can stay favourites by prolonging their look, feel and freshness

Ariel Automatic works deep down at a fibre level to clean, protect, and enhance the sensorial qualities of your clothes (their look, feel and scent) and remove tough stains in ONE WASH. It redefines what it means to care for fashion with unique Fibre Science technologies that allow you to achieve the highest standard of clean to keep your fashions beautiful for longer.

What Is Special About Ariel Automatic?

Ariel has 45 years of experience in the research and development of washing machine detergents and the new product is recommended by LG, the number one washing machine manufacturer in Nigeria.
NEW Ariel Automatic has been specifically designed for washing machines and is recommended by LG, the number one washing machine manufacturer in Nigeria. Ariel Automatic has been specifically formulated for automatic washing machines, with 2X more stain-fighting ingredients than traditional hand wash detergent.

Ariel’s advanced formula provides outstanding stain removal because it is specially formulated to tackle greasy stains and the other common soils.

What makes it so special is that this formula includes a cleaning booster which is exclusive to P&G. This cleaning booster helps to protect fibres from stain re-deposition which means it prevents stains and soils in the washing water going back on the fabric during the wash. If this happens it can create what we call a ‘grey veil’ on your fabrics – turning whites dingy and dulling your colours.

Ariel’s advanced formula not only provides a deep clean in one wash it actually helps to protect against future stains because it includes special stain prevention molecules that coat the fibres and gives them a greater ability to resist new soils, protecting and enhancing the sensorial qualities (look, feel and scent) of the clothes you love.

Ariel: Innovating for 45+ years

Over the past 45 years, Ariel has continually innovated to always provide laundry solutions that simplify the laundry process and everyday consumer life. Just as consumer needs are evolving, so is Ariel. Did you know Ariel introduced its first powder detergent in 1967 in Western Germany?

Ariel Automatic Availability

Ariel Automatic is available at leading retailers in Nigeria in 1kg & 2kg packs

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#ArielAutomatic is the perfect match for your washing machine for brilliant cleaning results.

Ariel invites you to share your style in its #ArielPerfectMatch selfie competition on Facebook: Simply share a photo of yourself showing off your Perfect Match and upload on the link provided. You will be in line to win great prizes such as LG washing machines, Jumia vouchers, Vlisco fabrics and an exclusive Tiffany Amber outfit.

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