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Majority Of Nigerians Are Intellectually Retarded

Majority of Nigerians Are Intellectually Retarded

Majority of Nigerians are actually intellectually retarded even though many people may disagree and they include many of the students and graduates of Nigerian colleges, polytechnics and universities. When even majority of Nigerians cannot read and write, then don't be surprised that majority of Nigerians are intellectually retarded.

A simple survey of the environment is enough to show you that majority of Nigerians are intellectually slow and the tragedy of it all is that they gloat in their predicament in willful rebellion against conventional wisdom of rational human behaviour; which is the cause of their own corruption and destruction. Ironically, majority of them live in denial of the facts of life and prefer pointing accusing fingers at corrupt politicians when they are the same people who breed the contagious corruption plaguing the nation.

The most intellectually retarded people in Nigeria are the majority of the Hausa Muslims who are the most intolerant of other tribes with different cultures and religions. The fact that majority of the intolerant Hausa Muslims are disciples of the same clerics of the Hausa Muslims who claim to be educated, but have never stopped the intolerant groups among their population from violent acts shows the fallacy and hypocrisy of their clerics and leaders, because they all worship at the same mosques and would have been able to have a consensus against the ethnic-religious bigotry of their larger Hausa Muslims population. In fact, the Hausa Muslims in tertiary institutions have also displayed irrational human behaviour in their intolerant acts against non-Muslims.

Majority of the Hausa Muslims are not as intellectual and tolerant as the majority of the non-Hausa Muslims and other tribes in the south of Nigeria who supported and voted for the Hausa Muslim Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd) in the 2015 presidential election, because they will never support and vote for a non-Hausa Christian presidential candidate. Why? They are intellectually retarded and don’t have the ratiocination for rational thinking, because they are ruled by their herd mentality. Only intellectually retarded people are ruled by herd mentality; as can be seen in the recurrent ethnic-religious conflicts in the Middle Belt and northern states of Nigeria. Many of them are still living like primitive uncivilized people in dark ages of history centuries ago when we are now in the digital age of modern civilization.

When you are not capable of ratiocination and rational thinking in behavour and lifestyle, you are intellectually retarded, because you have failed to use your intellectual capacity for rational human behaviour. And Nigerian politicians of the greedy ruling class exploit the intellectual illiteracy of the majority of Nigerians by using them as mere expendable pawns in their political power struggle. They are the political thugs, political assassins and bigoted voters who constitute the majority of the electorate in Nigerian politics. That is why Nigerians have been having incompetent political office holders and public officials since 1960 to date. They are products of the same negative thinking.

It is very easy to define and identify an incompetent government from the local government level to the central government by looking at the environment from the street to the State House.
A dirty and filthy environment is the evidence of an incompetent government.
The state of an environment shows you the state of the human development in every community.
No competent government will tolerate a dirty and filthy environment.
Only intellectually retarded people have dirty and filthy environments as can be seen from Lagos to Abuja and from the Niger Delta to Lake Chad. Majority of Nigerians are dirty and living in filthy environments. Visit the campuses of the tertiary institutions and their environments are enough to show you the irrational human behaviour of the students and lecturers who later end up as political office holders and carry over their abnormal characteristics to the government.
Majority of Nigerians are annoyingly dirty.
They can be so comfortable dining and wining in the midst of stinking heaps of refuse and stinking toilets. Of course, only sick people will feel comfortable living and working in a nauseating environment which is common in majority of private and public workplaces in Nigeria.
Every filthy environment is caused by an incompetent management of the community or company.
Most people will call it indiscipline. But the educated ones among them will not admit that they are guilty of indiscipline.
How can authorities of an intellectual institution have a filthy environment if they not incompetent?
Majority of the intellectual or academic institutions have filthy environments and they still contest for bragging rights as the breeding grounds of future leaders of the nation. No wonder they have been breeding such corrupt leaders messing up the country by their mismanagement of the government.

The intellectual minority in Nigeria are at the mercy of the intellectually retarded majority.
The intellectual minority can be compared to a dozen of wise people besieged by legions of criminals, idiots, prostitutes and parasites and these legions have messed up the country and turned the Nigerian Dream into the Nigerian nightmare.

Can the herd mentality of the intellectually retarded majority be changed in the new dispensation of a new government?
Behaviour change does not happen overnight, therefore the new government must know how to use the National Orientation Agency (NOA) working with other government ministries; especially Ministry of Education to develop models based on proven behavioural change theories for the teaching of Nigerians of all cultures on strict adherence and obedience to rational behaviour in living and working together in the nation building of a New Nigeria for the common good of all Nigerians.
The government must search and seek out mischievous clerics, ministers and leaders wherever they are in Nigeria; whether in the schools, mosques, churches and other places and address their insecurities at the earliest signs of intolerance and irrational intentions to prevent them from misinforming and misleading their believers and followers. A stitch in time saves nine.
The fringe elements of tribal bigotry and religious intolerance don’t turn into legions of blood thirsty terrorists overnight. It all starts with misinformation.
There will be no positive change without positive thinking.
Without positive thinking for positive behaviour change in the psyche of majority of intellectually retarded Nigerians, the vicious circle of the Nigerian crisis will continue until Armageddon.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, author of "Children of Heaven", "Song of Patriotism", "Sleepless Night", "Scarlet Tears of London", "Bye, Bye Zimbabwe", "In the House of Dog"s, "The Prophet Lied", "Diary of the Memory Keeper", co-author of "Na-ked Beauty", editor of "The Language of True Love" and Publisher/Editor of the NOLLYWOOD MIRROR® series. His new book on the 2015 elections, "The Victory of Muhammadu Buhari and the Nigerian Dream" will be released worldwide on May 29, 2015. His books are distributed by Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Tower Books, Lulu, Glendora and other booksellers. 

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