Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Life is Worth More Than One Kobo Per Second

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Life is Worth More Than One Kobo Per Second

Do you have a health insurance?
How many Nigerians have health insurance?

The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) is for everyone in Nigeria for the provision of health for all. But majority of Nigerians don’t even have a health insurance as they live from hand to mouth as if all that matters most to them is just eat and drink. They careless about their health until they fall ill or have a medical emergency, then they realize our health is our greatest wealth. Only about 4.5 million Nigerians have registered for the NHIS so far since it was established by decree in 1999.

The objectives of the Scheme shall be to -

(a) ensure that every Nigerian has access to good health care services;

(b) protect families from the financial hardship of huge medical bills;

(c) limit the rise in the cost of health care services; (d) ensure equitable distribution of health care costs among different income groups;

(d) maintain high standard of health care delivery services within the Scheme;.

(f) ensure efficiency in health care services;

(g improve and harness private sector participation in the provision of health care services;

(h) ensure adequate distribution of health facilities within the Federation;

(i) ensure equitable patronage of all levels of health care;

(j) ensure the availability of funds to the health sector for improved services.

The National Health Insurance Scheme will guarantee health for all and will save lives and in fact save majority of the poor who cannot afford to pay medical bills from their meager salaries. To make sure there will be enough funds to execute the National Health Insurance Scheme so that no one is left out, everyone using a mobile phone will contribute just one kobo only from every mobile phone call made to fund the NHIS to pay the health bills of every Nigerian who cannot afford to do so in Nigeria. And I believe that the life of every Nigerian is worth more than one kobo, so all the over 100 million GSM subscribers should be really happy to contribute one kobo from every phone call.

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