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Incompetence And Ignorance Have Done More Harm To Nigerians Than Corruption

Nigeria has many failed political leaders and angry intellectual leaders.

Incompetence And Ignorance Have Done More Harm To Nigerians Than Corruption

From the four corners of Nigeria, in every private and public office, from the lowest rung to the highest rung of the ladder of their social class hierarchy, incompetence and ignorance have done more harm to Nigeria than corruption. And to worsen the Nigerian predicament, the majority of the people live in denial.

That is why more and more people continue to die from generator fumes when the manual warns that generators MUST NOT BE KEPT INDOORS or even near where people sit, eat and sleep. But you will still see thousands of people in Nigeria doing so daily in STUPID IGNORANCE that you cannot even find among sheep and goats.
Frankly I have seen better parenting and thinking among sheep and goats than among majority of Nigerian parents and others in Nigeria like the idiots breeding idiots who end up as liabilities and the lunatic fringe called Boko Haram, kidnappers, armed robbers and other mutants among us.

See the reports on Deaths from Generator Fumes on

Do you know that over 200, 000 Nigerians die from food poisoning every year

Yet majority of these unfortunate Nigerians are regular church goers and mosque goers, but their pastors and imams will never warn them about the dangers of generator fumes and UNHYGIENIC HABITS, but will never forget to warn them about the dangers of not paying their tithes and offerings and yet these incompetent and ignorant pastors and imams FORGET THAT THE GREATEST MISSION THEY SHOULD PREACH AND PRACTICE IS CHARITY WITHOUT WHICH NO ONE CAN PLEASE GOD.

NIGERIANS ARE AMONG THE MOST UNHYGIENIC PEOPLE IN THE WORLD and when they have avoidable and preventable infections and afflictions caused by their dirty and filthy habits and stupidity, they begin to harass God and blame everything on the devil who is neither omniscient nor omnipresent.

That is why you see both illiterates and even those who claim to be graduates but are just idiots crossing the express roads right under the footbridges provided for their safety, because of their ignorance of road safety rules or sheer STUPIDITY.

That is why you see daily CRAPPY PROGRAMMES on TV and radio stations, because of incompetent and ignorant TV programme managers and directors who don't know what is quality and what is rubbish. They don't even know the programme belts targeting children and adults. The so called National Broadcasting Commission cannot regulate what is good for broadcasting or not and a lot of nonsense get shown on TV and played in regular rotation on radio by incompetent and ignorant DJs and VJs.
By the crappy hip hop songs and crappy music videos and crappy TV dramas they play and show you can tell that they are just idiots.
They should see and learn these guidelines from Singapore

That is why majority of the so called big offices don't have Workplace Clinics and Employer Managed Healthcare for medical emergencies to protect and save the lives of their employees and casual workers, because if they do, they will not need to scamper and run helter-skelter for first aid and rush any worker in critical condition to clinics and hospitals miles away from their office premises.
Who knows how many lost lives that would have been saved by employing QUALIFIED MEDICAL STAFF TO RUN A MODERN WORKPLACE CLINIC FOR WORKERS.

How many Nigerian companies with workers who work day and night shifts know about Flying Doctors Nigeria?
If the Vanguard Newspapers knew, they would have called Flying Doctors Nigeria for their air ambulances providing cost effective door to door air ambulance service, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year and Vanguard Newspapers would have saved the life of their Group Entertainment Editor Ogbonna Amadi and not getting stuck in a Lagos traffic gridlock whilst rushing him to the hospital after his last asthma attack.


Have you been to the public hospitals and see what they look like?
No qualified medical staff from America or Singapore will accept the nightmarish conditions of public hospitals in Nigeria.
Yet the president spends millions of dollars on patronizing militants and sycophants when the millions of dollars would have been better spent on providing world class healthcare at the general hospitals.

The list is a litany of woes caused by the widespread cases of incompetence and ignorance destroying Nigeria daily.

Even the president of Nigeria lives in denial of his incompetence and ignorance and to worsen his predicament he employs opportunists and jobbers online and offline to increase the ignorance and even spends millions on paranoid adverts against his "HATERS".

The following written by Alan Johnson, the author of The Online Business Handbook clearly shows the predicament of Nigerians and their President.

I Am Above Failure
So you think that you are somehow far too talented, hard-working or knowledgeable and that everything you touch will turn into gold? Sorry to burst your bubble there, but we humans are flawed by nature so that, my friend, I?m afraid that you may just be living in denial if you have such a way of thinking.

It's Impossible to Take Me by Surprise

If you think that being taken by surprise is impossible if you have everything planned then I have one questions: how is life in that fantasy world of yours treating you? Yes, planning ahead is always recommended but thinking that you can actually be able to prepare for absolutely everything is just plain foolish on your part.

If You Want Something Done Right, Do It Yourself
Do you think that others should never be trusted and do you think that, if you want something done right, you should do it yourself? Aren't you giving yourself just a little bit too much credit there? It may just be me, but you most definitely don't strike me as a person with his or her feet on the ground.

I'm Never at Fault
Others are always at fault, aren't they? You keep doing everything right and they just ruin things for you, do they? Sorry to have to say this, but not assuming responsibility is one of the most obvious signs that you are living in denial.

Everything Has an Excuse

"I'm not going to do this because..." "I would have done that, if not for..." Do you somehow manage to find excuses for everything? Good for you, maybe you will find someone who pays you for that, but for the time being, your attitude is yet another sign that you are simply living in a fantasy world.

Everyone Else is Wrong

Are all of the people who don't agree with you clueless? Are they that ignorant, can't they understand your brilliance? I'm sorry but, if that's the way you see things, I am afraid that the problem lies elsewhere. One tip: it's not with everyone else.

It's All One Big Conspiracy I Tell You

Does it seem that everyone and their dog is working against you? Are you just a poor innocent victim in what seems to be one huge conspiracy against you? In that case, have you considered getting some help? No, everyone is not conspiring against you, and it's about time you stopped living in denial and started seeing how things actually stand.

Give it a little thought. Do any of these apply to you?

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