Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lambs Can Cry.......

The Lekki Tollgate.

Lambs Can Cry.......

~ By Idris Lawal

It took me less than 25 minutes, to drive from my home in VGC, to the Lekki "Admiralty Plaza", and then another hour, before I could enter my offices at Maroko. Yet, I will soon have to endure that experience, at least 4 times, in a day. Just another day, in the life of a tax paying, hard working Lagosian.....

Today the 10th day of September, makes it 99 days to the 1st year anniversary of the formalization of our enslavement, by those who pretend to love us, even as they pillage our commonwealth. I speak of the 1st year anniversary of the biggest edifice, that this government has bestowed on the Lekki-Epe axis. The tollgate otherwise cheek-in-tongue referred to as the "Admiralty Plaza"

Neither our darling Action Gov, nor our venerable Asiwaju has seen fit to build a single hospital in the Ajah-Lekki axis, they have also not interested themselves in the construction of roads, schools, health centres, markets, or any of the other things governments are expected to do for its citizens, in saner nations.

We live surrounded by water, yet, the entire Lekki-Ajah axis, is not serviced by a single linear metre of public water pipes. Unless of course, if you live in their well planned ghetto, tagged, Lekki phase 1, or you are privileged to live in one of the private estates. There are several settlements and villages, who have never been blighted by the presence of Nepa, epileptic, as that might be.

I will not buy the E-Pass being touted by the LCC and this decision has caused me to spend several minutes, queuing to hand over my hard earned money, to those who have stolen more than their generations may ever need, but whose gluttony leads them to keep up the wicked acts that impoverish our people.

I choose to queue when I get to their tollgate because I recognise the tollgate for what it represents: it is an assault on my rights as a citizen, a sharp rebuke for the lies we've told ourselves, and the easy choices made, and a reminder, that "when the wise, forsake governance, they must of necessity, suffer the ignominy of being ruled by fools"

Lekki-Epe residents travel compulsorily. The public secondary schools, are all located adjacent to the Mobil head office, in Victoria Island. 15 years of their hegemony has not delivered a single secondary school in our entire senatorial district, if you must attend government-funded secondary schools, you must travel into Victoria Island, and adequacy or quality is not the issue, it is all about a
clear lack of choice. NOW we must pay toll to get to those schools!!

I can afford the E-Pass, but I shall not buy one. The time spent in the traffic to pay the toll, will be spent, remembering, and weeping for the loss of my citizenship, and commencement of my colonization. But a small price to pay, for my lack of courage.

As we mark the 1st anniversary of that day of ignominy, pls be reminded, they have also exerted a lot of energy, ensuring the completion of the second toll plaza at Chevron roundabout! Another reminder, of our lost sovereignty. They need our money to rebuild the road they've stolen from us, so that we and our generations, might pay
them and their generations, for the kind and wonderful services, they are rendering to us today.

Poor Awolowo, whose name and philosophy, they have so gratuitously appropriated, did not earn his reputation, and his place in the pantheon, by stealing. Barefaced, shameless theft, of our common patrimony!

The silence of the lamb, is directly responsible for its slaughter, had the lamb acquired the capacity and will, to scream all the way to the slaughter slab, perhaps, the inconvenience of its noise, might have persuaded its executioners, to reconsider their burial plans, for the hapless lamb. This lamb must begin its wails in earnest.

We invite you to join us at................ as we, together, begin the countdown to the day of infamy, the 18th day of December, 2012, the 1st year anniversary of our recolonisation, even as we await, the safe delivery of our brand new, toll-plaza. The hospitals, schools, roads, drainages, pipe-borne water, etcetera etcetera, shall follow in due course.

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