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The Coffee Shop Millionaire Revealed: The Next Dot-Com Boom

22 Feb 2012 12:00 Africa/Lagos

The Coffee Shop Millionaire Revealed: The Next Dot-Com Boom
As Business Insider reports more and more ways in which big companies like Facebook are making profits online, a program called The Coffee Shop Millionaire puts the same power into the hands of aspiring entrepreneurs.

SARASOTA, Fla., Feb. 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --The World Wide Web is like a river of money. There is no question that profits are to be made online; the only question faced by entrepreneurs is exactly how to make them. For social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, opportunities for generating online revenues seem endless. Business Insider recently reported that the mobile transactions market, a fledgling industry just now taking root on various social networks, is expected to generate more than a trillion dollars by 2015, while advertising revenues continue to increase at exponential rates. But you don't have be Mark Zuckerburg to make millions of dollars on the Internet, something The Coffee Shop Millionaire makes perfectly clear.

A brand new online program that gives users the opportunity to make money outside the conventions of the traditional 9 to 5 job, The Coffee Shop Millionaire has already made a splash with online entrepreneurs. According to a representative of The Coffee Shop Millionaire, "More and more Americans are watching our online video and discovering how they, too, can make millions, all from the comfort of their favorite coffee shop."

Hailing the program as the next big dot-com boom, the representative of The Coffee Shop Millionaire says the program has proven successful in tearing down the walls that have long separated consumers from the amazing money-making opportunities afforded by the Internet.

The program gets its name from the idea that anyone armed with a laptop or tablet can take a seat in a favorite coffee shop and begin generating online revenues, possibly totaling into the millions of dollars.

Users can find out more about how the program works by viewing the instructional video posted at The video features company founder Anthony Trister explaining how he used the basic mechanics of the Web to make millions, and how he's now offering users across the country the chance to do the same. He also makes it plain that The Coffee Shop Millionaire is a program that enables the user to provide a helpful online service, which is integral to what makes the program a true opportunity and not just another make-money-from-home offer.

"This is the new trend for 2012," continues the Coffee Shop Millionaire spokesperson. "People are realizing that there are plenty of honest but unconventional ways to make money on the Internet, and The Coffee Shop Millionaire is showing them how it's done. By learning more about this program, Internet users can discover some truly amazing methods for generating major money on the Web."


The Coffee Shop Millionaire is an online program that provides aspiring entrepreneurs with effective and legitimate strategies for generating revenues on the Internet. The company, founded by Anthony Trister, gets its name from the idea that anyone can become a millionaire simply by working via laptop from a favorite coffee shop. More information about the program can be found at

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