Thursday, July 23, 2020

Using Photography for Art Therapy During the Trauma of COVID-19 Pandemic

Wednesday July 22, 2020
Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.

The Health Benefits of Art Therapy have been helping millions of people during the #lockdown  of the COVID-19 pandemic. And I have used my smartphone for Self-portraits in photos and videos on my moods at different times in self isolation showing my stream of consciousness.
The most appropriate photographs will be for the
publication of my new photo book, "SOLICITUDE in SOLITUDE: Overcoming the Trauma of COVID-19" which will be released after the lockdown and circulated worldwide by Amazon.
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Using Art for Information, Education and Communication (IEC) in public health is very effective and I coordinated the Art Against AIDS Art Exhibitions in Nigeria in 1993 and the first artist to paint The Metamorphosis of the HIV in the T-Cell after studying how T cells (also called T lymphocytes) in the immune system kill infected host cells, activating other immune cells, producing cytokines and regulating the immune response. The painting was bought by Family Health International (FHI).

The self motivational self portraits and videos have been of awesome benefit from my faith in Almighty God to boost my morale and strength to overcome the anxieties about the uncertainties of the unforeseen circumstances beyond our control going through the melodramatic and traumatic challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The lockdown shutdown thousands of businesses in different industries, especially in the entertainment industry where fashion shows, musical concerts, television and film productions had to be suspended until after the lockdown.

I was scheduled to do a photo session for a top modeling agency in New York city this July, but we have cancelled that important trip. So, I have been doing my photo session indoors all by myself and using role playing in amusement and sharing these precious moments of this period of my life with the world.
- By EKENYERENGOZI Michael Chima, Author of "Children of Heaven"," Scarlet Tears of London ", " In the House of Dogs", "Diary of the Memory Keeper", " The Prophet Lied" and other books.

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