Wednesday, July 8, 2020

If Whites Can Make It, Blacks Can Make It Too From Mountain View To Silicon Valley

If Whites Can Make It, Blacks Can Make It Too From Mountain View To Silicon Valley

Instead of Blacks to be whining about being underemployed and underrepresented in Silicon Valley and waiting for the tech giants to bridge the wide diversity gap for them to catch up with the privileged White in leadership, Blacks should breakthrough Silicon Valley by developing their own tech startups.

Jeffrey Katzenber just founded #Quibi  in 2018 as New TV and raised US$1billion to launch it!
Matt Salsamendi was only 17 when he and James Boehm founded a game-streaming startup called Beam Interactive, based on technology that they had developed in their spare time for themselves and their friends.
He was 18 when they sold the company to Microsoft in January 2016.
There are other outstanding new tech and fintech startups founded by mostly Whites in America.
What are the Blacks doing?
Waiting for jobs by tech startups owned by Whites and to be spoonfed like overgrown babies who are still crawling when they should be standing up and walking!

If Whites can become tech giants from Mountain View to Silicon Valley, why can't Blacks become tech giants from Harlem to Jackson?
We can have a revival of The Harlem Renaissance in both the entertainment industry and tech industry.

I am black and proud Nigerian in Nigeria where there is no regular electricity and no social security and majority of the largest population are poor underprivileged masses, but I have been working and not whining and about to launch my first tech startup with an OTT mobile video app.. You can view the demo on

- By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima,
International Digital Post Network Limited
247 Nigeria (@247nigeria) / Twitter

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