Saturday, March 18, 2017

Who Killed Nigerian Blogger Abdulhakeem Bauchin Bauchi?

Who killed popular Nigerian blogger and writer Abdulhakeem Bauchin Bauchi?

The horrifying gruesome murder of a Nigerian blogger and writer was reported by  several blogs and news websites yesterday. But none has told us who killed him or why he was kidnapped and murdered.

A Nigerian Blogger/Writer residing in Bauchi State by origin, Abdulhakeem Bauchin Bauchi has been found dead after he was declared missing. According to people who know him, his wedding ceremony was scheduled in few weeks before meeting his untimely end. His body was found slaughtered and dumped in a bush..
National Helm.
What could have caused his kidnap and murder?
He was not a popular human rights activist or whistle blower.
Was he murdered for personal reasons or political reasons?
The Nigerian police have to investigate the circumstances surrounding his kidnap and murder.

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