Saturday, March 11, 2017

Prize Winning Nigerian Writer in America Gives A To-Do List for President Buhari

Prize Winning Nigerian Writer in America Gives A To-Do List for President Buhari

Here’s A To-Do List For Nigeria's President Buhari IF He's Serious About Rebooting Nigeria

~ by Adeleke O'Adeyemi.

A new lease on life is a terrible thing to waste. President Buhari, you have just been handed one, along with something else: an epiphany.

I take it from your statement upon arrival back home that you now have a new conviction: education is the bad sector that has seen to the corruption of all others in Nigeria.

Perhaps that epiphany about the paramount importance of educating our children came from your having had a long and sustained bird’s eye-view of things from abroad.

But things have come to a head and therefore must end before a new order of business can begin. While the ovation is loudest, dear President Buhari, please RETIRE as president, after the order of a politician, so that you can transition into a role the nation needs you most desperately to function in: a statesman, in the mould of a leader.

My entire submission to you is really a one-item to-do list: Before you handover to your successor, possibly before you have to travel back for the “further follow-ups within some weeks” that you mentioned rather casually, formally declare a new era of Business Unusual in governance.

Of course, the political class, what with its stranglehold on things, will fight you. But I quite sincerely believe that it’s not too much to ask you to lay down your life for Nigeria.

But back to the future: What would Business Unusual in Governance look like? It’s such a no-brainer; the new President will know how to proceed.


Adeleke O'Adeyemi, popularly known by his Hausa pen name "Mai Nasara" is the Winner of the Nigeria Prize for Literature for his masterpiece Children's book The Missing Clock in 2011.  His first published book "The Mandate of MKO Abiola" published in 2007 is distributed by Barnes & Noble and Lulu. Adeleke is from Ekiti State, but grew up in the same Katsina State of President Muhammadu Buhari, he attended the Government College, Katsina (GCK), and graduated from the famous Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. He is happily married with a lovely family in the United States of America where he is a scholar, writer and social entrepreneur.

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