Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Message For Irresponsible Nigerian Parents

For Irresponsible Nigerian Parents in Nigeria

This is for irresponsible Nigerian parents who leave their underage children unsupervised in the hands of careless housemaids and neighbors.

If you cannot sit down and take good care of children, PLEASE don't have them.
No child asked to be born.

I have seen irresponsible Nigerian mothers put their four year old kids on "Okada" motorbikes of total strangers and telling them to drop them at the entrance of their nursery school. Why not take your kids to their school?

There is nothing more important to you than the safety and welfare of your children who are your future.

Our churches, mosques and communities should teach newly married couples proper parenting, because lack of good parenting has terrible consequences such as innocent children copying horrible habits; having terrible accidents and growing up as juvenile delinquents.
I saw a 4 year old screaming: "I will kill you!" and trying to use a sharp pencil to stab the 2 year old sister whilst their mother left them in the care of an irresponsible housemaid who was the one showing them violent home videos where they must have seen a character threatening to kill another character. And their favourite game is chasing and shooting with toy guns or using their fingers as guns.

Don't buy or give your kids toy guns or knives.
You are teaching them how to kill. And stop them playing war games; cursing and swearing at themselves and others.

Another terrible thing is playing adult hip hop music at the birthdays of children and also allowing them to watch adult music videos that will corrupt them.

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