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Real Relief Launches Lifeshelter, a New and Innovative Low Cost Housing Solution

Real Relief Launches Lifeshelter®, a New and Innovative Low Cost Housing Solution

/PRNewswire/ -- Real Relief announced today the launch of Lifeshelter® , a unique shelter and rehousing solution based on an innovative concept that is ideal for rapid temporary rehousing in emergency situations , as well as being re - purposed for permanent housing . Lifeshelter® is a durable , modular , cost effective and reusable rehousing solution that meets a wide variety of shelter needs . Utilizing advanced technology , designed by Danish company EverShelter ApS , Real Relief will market , manufacture and sell Lifeshelter® worldwide .

Real Relief
Real Relief
ABUJA, Nigeria, March 2, 2017 The Lifeshelter® design is based on utilizing a well-insulated, curved construction panel. The patent-pending concept is simple and suitable for a wide range of purposes. The self-supporting shelter is easy to erect, even without skilled labor, and does not require any special tools. Long term, the shelters can be disassembled, transported and re-utilized as a roof structure, or as insulation, in permanent dwellings.

The March 2nd event in Abuja will be attended by several high level Nigerian officials, as well as His Excellency, Torben Getterman, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark.

"In addition to Real Relief´s joint effort with EverShelter to bring Lifeshelter® to the worldwide aid and relief market, we have also been working in collaboration with Moriah Trust Limited, Nigeria who is our local implementing partner working in collaboration with the Yakubu Gowon Centre Abuja. Lifeshelter® will be erected and displayed as a show-room and test-site for interested organizations at Yakubu Gowon Centre Plot 493 Abogo Largema Street, Central Area Abuja. It's the first time a Lifeshelter® is being introduced to the Nigerian market and we look forward to introducing the product's features as well as the social and economic benefits. We believe that Lifeshelter® provides not just a shelter, but a real home," said Torben Holm Larsen, Technical Director of Real Relief.

According to our local partner Moriah Trust Limited "Lifeshelter® is a good solution for Nigeria in the current efforts in resettling the people that were internally displaced due to insurgency in the North East region of the country. The durability, resilience, shape, insulation and simple construction system makes it a quick fix in the prevailing emergency circumstance. One shelter is approximately 18 square meters and can provide housing for a family of seven (7) persons. The solution considers the life situation of people in displacement and restores dignity while contributing to a slightly more reasonable daily life for its occupants. The design is modular, making it adaptable to the size of the family and easy to pack up and bring along, should the volatility of life in displacement demand the same."

About Real Relief

Real Relief supplies a large variety of relief items. Our life-saving and life-improving products are: The innovative Lifeshelter®, a long-term rehousing solution where one structure replaces the subsequent needs for multiple housing solutions from emergency tents to transitional housing and permanent homes. Boilex™ Ultraclean Stove, which offers a clean cooking environment and ultimately prevents potentially lethal respiratory diseases. Safepad™, the antimicrobial & reusable sanitary pad, designed to provide a safe and infection free experience while in use. Firestopper, the non-toxic/water-based fire extinguisher which can be used in any angle and immediately extinguishes fires in solids, liquids, cooking oil, electrical installations, fire victims and fire on persons' clothes. DuraNet®, Long Lasting Insecticide Incorporated Mosquito Net (LLIN), designed for prevention/control of malaria and other vector borne diseases. Furthermore we supply RDT-kits, Lifewell Water Filters and NFIs. At Real Relief we offer exactly what we promise!

We promise governments, relief agencies, NGO's, faith-based organizations and private sector donors that we will continue to challenge existing value chains, to provide more relief to more people. We will innovate technologies and rethink distribution methods and efficiently apply these new competences to building sustainable relief market capabilities. But even more important we promise to the world, that we will be relentless in our pursuit for excellence and passionately work for honest people with good intentions, bringing real relief to those who need it the most.

Real Relief. Making a real promise.

More information is available at: or by contacting:
Real Relief Managing Director, Trine Angeline Sig at, or mob.: +45 2826 2600, or Moriah Trust Limited CEO, David Nwedu at or mob.: +2348033054948

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