Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Nollywood Star Tricia Esiegbe Tackles Child Sex Abuse with The Psychologist

 Tricia Esiegbe Kerry. 

Nollywood Star Tricia Esiegbe Tackles Child Sex Abuse with The Psychologist

~ By Husseini Shaibu

Having made name as an actress and show host of the popular television magazine programme Bold Faces, popular Nollywood actress Tricia Esiegbe Kerry has stepped out and this time her interest is in helping to prevent the further spread of the crimes of child sexual abuse. 

Tricia called from London to say that her foundation, Boldfaces International is set to enlighten the populace about pedophiles. To achieve this, Tricia who made a name as the lead actor of the successful home video Samadora disclosed that the Boldfaces Foundation has introduced a public awareness programme on child abuse called "The Psychologist". According to her, the programme aims at ‘’preventing the sexual abuse of children and to encourage victims of child sexual abuse to come out and tell their stories via our television talk-show programme. 
Tricia said:  “ we intend to use the platform of ‘The Psychologist’’ to address child sexual molestation in our society, to expose sexual predators and create a support platform for victims of child molestation, and to get the authorities to do more to support our children’’. 

Scheduled to go on air soon, ‘The Psychologist’ is designed as a 30 minutes television talk show programme and it will feature a special segment called Brave Seat of Change which will week in, week out feature real life stories of people that have experienced child molestation whilst growing up.  As Tricia further explained: ‘’we have identified, refined and produced an effective television programme that will help mobilize adults, families and communities to take actions towards protecting children before they are harmed. Our stories are real life heart breaking stories of people that have experienced child sexual molestation while growing up.  We have a team of researchers that source for true-life stories on Child Sexual Abuse and Molestation. The programme is reconstructed by actors who play out these true-life stories’’. 

However Tricia said Boldfaces International Foundation would not be doing this all alone. She disclosed partnership with several institutions including the Nigerian Police. Presently managed by Tricia & Kingsley Kerry and specialist consultants drawn from various fields of expertise. Boldfaces International Foundation was established a few years back to advocate for the sexually abused children and victims, and provide evidence-based information to policymakers, media and advocacy groups. The foundation provide consulting and training services to professionals, organizations, coalitions, and community-based programs on strategies, policies and practices for preventing child sexual abuse. And as part of strategic partnerships, the foundation consults on long term with groups that are adapting key elements of our adult-responsibility. 

‘’We intend to provide books for individuals, families and communities on how to prevent child sexual abuse before children are harmed - and to get help for everyone involved’’ Tricia surmised.

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