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Nigeria: Website Launched

5 Jul 2013 13:20 Africa/Lagos Nigeria: Website Launched to Immortalize the Man Widely Hailed as Nigeria's Greatest Statesman

LONDON, July 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

To mark the 15 th  anniversary of Moshood Abiola's death the website invites all those touched by his life and story to contribute to building a virtual wall of remembrance.
July 7 th 2013 will commemorate the death of the first man to be elected President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in a free, fair and peaceful election. The website has started the process of answering a long overdue call to immortalize the African icon, and its creators are now seeking the participation of the millions of people touched by the life and story of Moshood Abiola, in order to build a more complete resource on his life. The website and archive was launched by his children, in July 2012 and documents the life of Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola. The website currently features some documents that have not been seen in public, rare video footage and audio recordings. The facts shared give audiences an opportunity to reach their own conclusion about a sometimes controversial man that greatly impacted Nigeria, as well as many countries on the African continent.

The website chronicles the life of MKO Abiola, whilst serving as an archive of educational information and insight into the politician, philanthropist, pan-Africanist, and entrepreneur all in the person of Moshood Abiola. The collected body of work adds to a history that is continuously remembered and recounted by Africans far and wide. Whilst the website serves to immortalize one of the most prominent figures in Nigeria's history, it also provides clues as to why the African nation has not resurged from its tumultuous past.
This website comes at a critical juncture in Nigeria's history, and by recalling Moshood Abiola's unique ability to bridge Nigeria's numerous ethnic and religious divides, it serves as a reminder of the fact that unity is possible in Nigeria, and fragmentation and violence is by no means a foregone conclusion.
View the Moshood Abiola website at:

Media contact: Eunice Brown
CONTACT: Tel: +44-(0)7979-610646

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