Friday, July 26, 2013

Muslims in Syrian Civil War Have Killed More Muslims Than All Jihads

With over 100, 000 people killed so far within two years and majority of them were Muslims killed by fellow Muslims in the Syrian civil war, this is the worst internal conflict among Muslims in the history of Islam.
The war began on 15 March 2011 between forces loyal to the Syrian Ba'ath Party government and the rebels.
It is worse than the Battle of Jamal at Basra, Iraq in 656 between forces allied to Ali ibn Abi Talib (Muhammad's cousin and son-in-law, Commander of the Faithful) and forces allied to Aisha (widow of Muhammad, and Mother of the Believers (Arabic: Umm-al-Mu'mineen), who wanted justice on the perpetrators of the assassination of the previous caliph, Uthman.
10,000 people lost their life in this battle in less than a year. And this was the worst since Islam was founded.

See Mustafa Akyol's "The Islamic Roots of Democratic Rebellion and Liberty" on

War is the worst thing known to mankind

War is the worst thing known to mankind throughout his long history. It brings about the killing and maiming of human beings, the loss of their powers and their disfigurement. It also causes the destruction of civilisation and stirs up hatreds and resentments amongst people and passes psychological problems on to future generations. It also causes the fighters to become prisoners of war. For these reasons, war must be avoided at all costs and if war becomes necessary – because the enemy has forced the situation – it is imperative that war should be limited to the least degree of necessity. It is also imperative that humanity in general put an end to wars finally so that they do not occur in the future.

The Prophet (s) used to strive to keep the amount of killing and prisoners in his wars to a bare minimum in a way that the world has not witnessed either prior to or after the advent of Islam. For example, one writer mentions that the number of people killed on both sides (Muslims and Polytheists) in all the battles in which the Prophet fought did not exceed much more than one thousand and this in more than eighty wars. Another mentions that the number killed in all the wars was 1018 people. A third mentions that the number of Infidels and Muslims killed in all the wars was no more than 1400 this being the largest number mentioned in this regard. Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah in his book ‘Muhammad' mentions that the Prophet Muhammad (s), although he gained control of more than one million square miles of territory which is equal to all of Europe excluding Russia, and although millions of people lived in this area, only one-hundred and fifty Muslims were killed in all of his wars. He adds that this number amounts to approximately one death per month. This is only due to the respect that Islam has for blood and its avoidance of killing wherever possible.


Any Muslim that attacks and kills a fellow Muslim if not in self defence is not a Muslim, but a devil.

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