Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The World’s Largest Dairy Farm Project Managed by Afimilk is Up and Running

The World’s Largest Dairy Farm Project Managed by Afimilk is Up and Running

AFIKIM, Israel, October 30, 2012 ,PRNewswire/ — Under the direction of afimilk, the largest, most comprehensive dairy farm project in the world has entered its third year, and is operating in five of 12 farms with 23,000 cattle.

The project, located in Vietnam, was planned and constructed by on-site afimilk experts. These experienced personnel brought to Vietnam their expertise in farm and dairy management, feed production, water treatment, waste water management and veterinary services.

In recent years, Vietnamese milk consumption has increased by 5-7% annually, and the country has a shortage of some 650,000 tons of milk a year. Aimed to supply 50% of the Vietnamese milk market, the ambitious project is guided by the vision that every child in Vietnam will drink a glass of milk a day. Now turning out 200 tons a day, the mega-dairy plans to supply more than 300,000 tons yearly by 2015.

Today, the dairies have a total of 11,000 milking cows and 12,000 heifers. Some 4,000 more heifers will be imported from New Zealand during the next six months.

“Milk is an essential need for the human development of Vietnam, and the TH Milk project will bring wide benefits in this effort,” says Ms. Thai Huong, general director of North Asia Bank and chair of TH Milk, which is financing the project.“You must complete your strategic thinking before developing a project like this quickly. However, the critical factor in the success of this project has been the Israeli experts guiding the Vietnamese.”

Ultimately, the enormous dairy will be locally-run. afimilk personnel will gradually phase out, and will transfer complete control of the dairy to local teams. Already, at the conclusion of phase one, milking parlors and management software are managed by the local teams.

In addition to producing much-needed milk for Vietnam, this complex serves as a showcase, demonstrating afimilk’s proficiency to international visitors interested in similar size projects.
About afimilk

afimilk provides dairy producers the technology and the knowledge to profitably produce high quality milk. Committed to meeting all needs of the modern dairy farm, afimilk seeks to enhance such crucial areas as fertility, health, feed, herd planning, milk quality and farm management. A technological pioneer, afimilk was the first to introduce an electronic milk meter in 1979, a pedometer for monitoring cows’ health in 1984, a dairy farm management system in 1993, and an online milk analyzer in 2008.

afimilk systems are at work in more than 50 countries on five continents. Kibbutz Afikim and Fortissimo Capital, Israel’s leading private equity firm, are the two shareholders in afimilk.

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