Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oil & Gas Health and Safety Performance Indicators Report

DALLAS, Oct. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- ISN has published an Oil & Gas Health and Safety Performance Indicators Report for the year 2011. The comprehensive report provides a compilation of key health and safety performance indicators, including Total Recordable Incident Rates (TRIR), Days Away, Restricted or Transferred Rate (DART) and Fatality Rate information.
Data from about 20,000 contracting companies representing more than five billion work hours of activity in the U.S. Upstream (Exploration and Production), Midstream (Pipelines) and Downstream (Refining) industries is included in the report.  The data presented is aggregated by North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes as well as by ISN Work Types for an added level of granularity in the benchmarking information.

"The main purpose of this report is to provide contractors, suppliers and Owners/Operators industry specific health and safety performance data useful for benchmarking their organization's performance," said Dag Yemenu, ISN Director of Data Analysis and Reporting. "The level of detail, coupled with the richness of the data used, makes the ISN report a relevant and unique source of benchmarking information for the industry." 

"Accurate benchmarking is a critical piece for driving performance improvement within organizations and the industry in general," said Joseph Eastin, President of ISN. "We hope that the publication will provide valuable information to enable continual health and safety performance improvement efforts in the workplace." 
Visit "Health & Safety Performance Indicators" to request your copy of the full benchmarking report.

About ISNISN provides an online contractor management database, ISNetworld, which is designed to meet internal and governmental record keeping and compliance requirements. ISN collects health and safety, procurement, quality and regulatory information for more than 44,000 contractors and 265 Owner Clients. ISN's subject matter experts review and verify this information to assess the accuracy, relevance and timeliness of the data. Connecting Owner Clients with safe, reliable and sustainable contractors and suppliers around the globe allows these organizations to use ISN as an integral part of their management systems. For more information, visit www.isn.com.

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