Tuesday, October 16, 2012

19 Women Raped in Camps for Flood Victims in Nigeria

A woman gives birth in one of the camps. Photo Credit: BATTABOX.

It was double jeopardy for 19 female refugees at various resettlement camps in Benue State who were raped by men who were not bothered by the discomforting displacement they are suffering as a result of the flood. Cases of rape have been reported in four of the designated camps.

The incident may have heightened the woes of the people who were displaced from their various homes by the flood that has ravaged many parts of the country, as they are already cumbered by congestion, hunger, physiological inconveniences, and possible epidemic.

Some of the state governments, like Delta State, have introduced mobile clinics within the camps, to handle any health challenge of the displaced people.

THISDAY checks revealed that the insecurity within the camps and the lack of privacy has given rise to frequent cases of rape there. "It has become a daily occurrence in the four official camps," a source said.

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Nigeria Ranks Lowest Among African Powerhouses in Mo Ibrahim Index

President Goodluck Jonathan.

Human rights, political freedom, transparency and accountability have deteriorated in four African "powerhouses" over the past six years, according to the 2012 Ibrahim Index of African Governance, which was released Monday.

Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Egypt dropped in the rankings in two of the four categories used in the index to assess good governance across the continent - safety and rule of law, and participation and human rights. The other two categories are sustainable economic opportunity and human development.

Nigeria was singled out as the worst performer of the four, dropping to the bottom 10 countries in the overall rankings for the first time. The country was ranked 14th out of the 16 countries in West Africa and 43rd out of the 52 countries listed overall.

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