Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nigerian Couple Sees UFO and Human ET in Niger Delta


A Nigerian couple claims to have seen unidentified flying objects (UFO) and Extra-Terrestrial (E.T) last night in their neighborhood in the Niger Delta according the eye-witness account of the husband posted on Nairaland, the popular online forum.

EasyG: Okay this probably sounds over the top and I was never one to give much credence to UFO sightings, how much more ever imagine I would ever lay eyes on one physically especially in Nigeria since most recorded sightings have been in the western world but last night I observed UFO activity for about 2 hours.

I was awakened around 0100 hours by an extremely loud noise and at first i thought it was the outdoor unit of my air conditioner so I powered it off but the noise wouldn't go away. It was real loud and rather disconcerting because it was a humming sound. My wife sprang up and was scared stiff, thinking judgement day had arrived because the sound was coming from above outside.

I decided to take a peep outside and lo and behold, what did I see? A flying saucer! It is indeed an apt description because the craft was shaped like a saucer, with a rotating outer ring. It was hovering about 200 feet away from my bedroom window and then after a while it started moving about but not very fast. I called my wife to the window just to be sure I wasn't hallucinating and asked her 'Do you see that?' and she went "Oh my God it's a UFO!'. Now I was convinced my eyes weren't deceiving me and we both stood transfixed watching the strange craft. There were no lights on the machine but it's silhouette was quite distinct from the night sky.

As we stood there watching the mopols guarding our area released some gunshots into the air as is their nightly custom except I don't know if they also saw the ship and wanted to scare them off. The craft then started moving towards the sound of the shots which happened to be a few feet from our gate and this really freaked my wife out because she thought they might interpret the gunshots as a threat and wipe out the entire neighborhood with some energy beam.

I must confess the thought also crossed my mind, however it resumed it's hover and then after a while went back to it's original position. A couple of minutes later it started rising vertically upwards and bigger surprise, there was a freaging mother ship!! A hatch opened up in the middle of the mother ship and the smaller craft went in.

The humming sound finally ceased, there was no sound from the mother ship, and the silence was actually menacing because it was a large craft. Then something really weird started happening. The mother ship started changing shapes.

I can't really describe the shapes but my wife made some drawings of what she saw. I remember one shape looked like a triangle and another was cylindrical with the tip like the nose of a high speed electric train.

Now this is the most amazing event out of all that transpired this morning, I saw a giant human in the sky, and I am pretty certain my jaws dropped. My wife whose eyesight is much keener than mine asked me if I could see what she was seeing, and I nodded in amazement. He was perfectly formed, with chiseled looks and a close cropped beard.

He was dressed in flowing robes and had a drape across his shoulders and he was huge! He appeared to be floating in the sky and was transparent, like he was reflecting the light around him. His gaze was transfixed at the gas flare coming from the NNPC refinery. By the way this happened in Warri and the refinery isn't far from where I live so the flames from the flare is extremely bright at night. I suppose they are watching and waiting for the opportune time to make their appearance known to the entire earth.

Anyway after a while he floated up into the mother ship and then another surprise, other ships started dropping out of the night sky and they moved in a formation behind the first ship, kind of like soldier ants and then they disappeared out of sight. This happened at about 0300 hours.

Without a doubt we are not alone on this planet but the being I saw isn't some one eyed creature with three fingers and green skin, he was definitely human but much more perfect than we can ever be, and huge in size.

Their technology is way beyond what we have now and I am still trying to figure out what kind of energy powered those ships. The engineer in me is inclined to think it's some form of electro-magnetic energy because a ship that large would require a huge engine which ought to generate a whole lot of noise but it was silent. I suppose the smaller craft is like a helicopter to them hence the loud humming noise, or maybe it's because it descended so low we were able to hear it. I am most definite people in the neighborhood must have seen or heard the smaller craft because it was real loud.

It's only a matter of time now before they make their play and come out in the open. It certainly looked like an intelligence gathering exercise to me. Well, just thought I should share my experience with others, maybe someone else saw them too. This is certainly the most awe inspiring event I ever laid my eyes on!

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