Saturday, February 4, 2017

No! 2Face is Not A Coward!

No! 2Face is Not A Coward!

Popular Nigerian singer, Innocent Idibia, alias "2Face" is not a coward for cancelling the protest march against bad governance he wanted to lead on Monday, February 6, 2017, in Lagos.
He just realized that Nigerian masses are not worth the sacrifice.
Because, if anything happens to him on Monday, life goes on.

He saw Nigerians from the south-south jubilating to welcome James Ibori, a convicted felon and wanted by the EFCC.
The same Ibori that former President Goodluck Jonathan hounded by all means until Ibori escaped overseas.

He saw Ekiti people hailing Governor Fayose as he was cruising his posh convertible car on the street.

He just saw that the Nigerian masses are hypocrites not worth sacrificing for.

They are easily fooled by corrupt politicians and fraudusters.

They waste millions of naira daily on useless calls and chats.
They waste millions of naira gambling on "Baba Ijebu", Nairabet and other bets.
They wasted billions of naira on MMM.
Then they blame President Muhammadu Buhari and his only 18 months old adminstration for all their failures and frustrations of the past 16 years.

2baba has seen the gullibility and stupidity of majority of Nigerian poor masses.

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