Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Production, Distribution and Exhibition of Falsehood on Nollywood By CNN and Others

The Production, Distribution and Exhibition of Falsehood on Nollywood By CNN and Others

There is a misrepresentation of facts on Nollywood by certain desperados among the actors, distributors and exhibitors to promote their selfish interests and they are paying both local and international news reporters to publish their misinformation. An example is The Evolution of Nollywood in Pictures, which is not what the title claims.
They paid the CNN to broadcast an erroneous photo documentary on a selection of their favourite actors and actresses and called it an evolution of Nollywood in pictures. But it failed to show the evolution of Nollywood.

Then this erroneous report on: In 1984 "Papa Ajasco" by Wale Adenuga became the first blockbuster, grossing an estimate of 61,000 naira in three days. In 1985, "Mosebolatan " by Moses Olaiya grossed 107,000 naira in five days.
"Papa Ajasco" was not the first blockbuster film in the history of Nigerian cinema, because Dr. Ola Balogun's "Ajani Ogun" of 1976 was the first Nigerian blockbuster movie, followed by Bisi Daughter of The River of 1977, directed by directed by Joseph Abiodun Babajide, aka "Jab Adu" (who passed away last year 2016) and produced by prize-winning filmmaker Raymond Olasubomi Oladipupo Ladebo, popularly known as Ladi Ladebo.

It is either the producers are deliberate liars or don't know how to produce an evolution of Nollywood in pictures.
Do they know what an evolution of Nollywood means?
They don't seem to have the education to understand the definition.

We must stop the shenanigans by these unscrupulous people in Nollywood.
But they can only fool and mislead those who don't know the history of the Nigerian film industry, from Nollywood to Kannywood.

Any ambition driven by the evil desperation for fame and fortune will only end up with the destruction of human dignity, integrity and nobility; without which a society will be ruined.

 ~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, Publisher/Editor of NOLLYWOOD MIRROR®Series and other publications.

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