Saturday, January 28, 2017

Illegal Immigrants Are Criminals and Should Be Treated As Criminals

Illegal immigrants are criminals, because violation of immigration laws is a crime.
There is no need to argue with this fact and no need for any political correctness, circomluction or any academic thesis on foreign policy on this matter.
All illegal immigrants should be arrested, arraigned, convicted and deported without delay.

The trespassing and rampaging Fulani herdsmen attacking and killing hundreds of Nigerian citizens are illegal immigrants from the neighbouring countries of Mali, Niger, Chad and Cameroon.
The Nigerian government failed to arrest them and they trespassed on the farmlands of Nigerians, destroyed their crops and attacked those who challenged them.
Without any proof of citizenship, they register as voters and have been voting in Nigerian elections.

Failure to arrest and prosecute illegal immigrants caused the massacre of Nigerian Christians in southern Kaduna, because the state government allowed them to trespass on the lands of the citizens with impunity.

The same dangers of allowing illegal immigrants freedom of movement and settlement have made America and Western Europe vulnerable to attacks on the socioeconomic and sociopolitical administrations of their governments.

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