Thursday, January 26, 2017

Buchi Emecheta, Nigeria's Greatest Female Novelist Has Passed On

Nigeria's greatest female novelist and author of several books, Florence Onyebuchi "Buchi" Emecheta OBE, passed on to eternal glory yesterday, January 25, 2017.
She was born in Lagos on July 21, 1944. But was based in Britain where she lived and wrote her books.
Her novel, "The Slave Girl" remains one of my favourite novels.

“Buchi Emecheta writes with a storyteller's flare. Her prose is vivid and simple as a stone carving.” (Houston Chronicle)

“Miss Emecheta's prose has a shimmer of originality, of English being reinvented....Issues of survival lie inherent in her material and give her tales weight.” (John Updike - The New Yorker)

"Her graphically detailed pictures of tribal life make the novel memorable."―Chicago Tribune.

"The Slave Girl" follows the fortunes of Ogbanje Ojebeta, a Nigerian woman who is sold into slavery in her own land after disease and tragedy leave her orphaned as a child. In her fellow slaves, she finds a surrogate family that clings together under the unbending will of their master. As Ogbanje Ojebeta becomes a woman and discovers her need for home and family, and for freedom and identity, she realizes that she must ultimately choose her own destiny.

About the Author
Born of Ibo parents in Nigeria, Buchi Emecheta is widely known for her multilayered stories of black women struggling to maintain their identity and construct viable lives for themselves and their families. She writes, according to The New York Times, with "subtlety, power, and abundant compassion." Her numerous novels include The Slave Girl, The Family, Bride Price, and The Joys of Motherhood.

See all the books by clicking on her name here Buchi Emecheta

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