Thursday, December 17, 2015

Put Your Music Videos and Movies on Ericsson's NuVu

Put Your Music Videos and Movies on Ericsson's NuVu 

Ericsson is partnering with mobile service providers to deliver NuVu content as a Value Added Service to mobile operators. In Nigeria, Ericsson is deploying NuVu in partnership with Airtel as discussions with Kenyan operators are in progress. It is expected Kenya will be the second country to deploy the service in 2016.
Robert Rudin, Country Manager, Ericsson Kenya says the streaming service will provide over 3,000 international and local shows and videos for as little as $5 per month ‘all you can eat plan’ or $2 per week for selected content.

“Content downloaded via NuVu will be secure as the platform offers Digital Rights Management. This protects content from piracy, an important consideration especially for content producers,” says Rudin.

The service enables subscribers to download content to their mobile devices at no additional cost by using off peak network hours and has been optimized to be light on battery usage on smartphones.

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