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Ariel Future Fabrics Event Reveals the Science and Technology in clothes and Fabric Care

The science & technology in clothes care - Ariel Future Fabrics Event.
"Our closets are full of clothes,  yet 80 percent of the time, we wear only 20 percent of them."
Ariel Reveals the Science and Technology in clothes and Fabric Care

The importance and application of science and technology in the care of our daily clothes as well as fabrics of the future was amplified at the P&G Ariel Future Fabrics event held recently in Barcelona. At this global event, Ariel revealed a new 3-step FibreSCIENCE innovation strategy to redefine the traditional definition of fabric care and cleaning.

The first science and technology step is Ariel Fibre Purification. This is a deep down cleaning and capture of seen and unseen soils and odour- causing agents imbedded deep within the fibres which can lead to fibre degradation. The fibre Purification s achieved through a P&G proprietary blend of targeted surfactants, enzymes and cleaning polymers.

 The second Step in this scientific process, is the Fibre Preservation. This includes the optimization of wash conditions, the prevention of dye loss and transfer and redeposition of soils in the wash onto the fibres. The premature aging of clothes is thus prevented by the P&G fabric enhancers and microscopic fibre lubricants and conditioners.

The Next step is the Fibre Restoration, which is achieved through untangling, aligning and polishing of fibres to remove soul binding parts that cause fibre damage, aging and dulling. Ariel's surfactants and cleaning boosters remove body soil plus malodour molecules that can cling onto the hydrophobic fibres such as polyester and elastane.

The final stage in the Ariel application of science and technology is the Fibre Beautification. This is the process of enhancing the colour vibrancy and brightness of clothes through a number of proprietary sophisticated optical brightness technologies to improve colour radiance and resistance to dirt and wrinkles.

Regis D'Hardemere, P&G Associate Director for Fabric Care noted that "keeping clothes like new, so that you perform at your peak, is not just a question of getting more mileage from them. There is the emotional dimension that comes from the memories associated with wearing clothes. In addition it is also about how clothes impact your mood and the way you perceive yourself. "

To better understand the relationship between the wearer and their clothes, Ariel embarked on a series of studies with leading Cognitive Psychologist, Dr Lawrence Rosenblum of the University of California Riverside to delve deeper into the phenomenon of “Enclothed Cognition”. This term describes the subconscious effects of our clothes on the way we perceive ourselves, the way we think, our moods and behaviour.

Existing research shows that people perform better when they are wearing clothes that are associated with the important aspects of the task they are performing. In addition, early experiments suggest that the cognitive performance is improved when wearing clean, comfortable clothing. So, clean and comfortable clothes really matter when it comes to well-being and performance.

We are what we wear. Because clothes play such an important role, keeping clothes clean and looking like new for longer is critical and this demands products that not just remove stains but also help maintain the look and feel of fabrics. Helping them retain their features wash after wash, wear after wear. Amr

El-Kashashi, P&G Associate Brand Director for IMEA Region, which includes Nigeria stated that " for as long as fabric detergents have existed, there has been a tendency to define cleaning in terms of how many stains a detergent can remove, but cleaning is more than just stain removal- it means understanding the essence of fabrics, from how they are manufactured to how they are used in the design process.

"That’s why Ariel goes beyond just stain removal to truly care for your clothes by helping to maintain their style, comfort and performance. Because clothes today are no longer one-dimensional fabrics. Ariel users will definitely be better off in our application of Science and technology to fabric care."  


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