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Nigerian Consumers Opinion Forum Will Launch Before Christmas

Nigerian Consumers Opinion Forum Will Launch Before Christmas 

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The Nigerian Consumers Opinion Forum is an open public information discussion forum on the internet to rate companies, brands, products and services in Nigeria, the biggest and largest market for consumers in Africa and among the major markets in the world.
It has become important and necessary to start the Nigerian Consumers Opinion Forum, because we have noticed the widespread ignorance of consumers on the general distribution and consumption of goods and services in Nigeria where many fake drugs, foods and products are openly sold on the streets and markets without the approval of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and often not noticed by the Consumer Protection Council (CPC) of Nigeria, because consumers are not informed on their rights and not educated to alert and report to NAFDAC and CPC whenever they have complaints about bad products and services.

The Nigerian Consumers Opinion Forum like similar consumer advocacy groups in the world will engage in active community mobilization and sensitization of consumers online and offline to protect consumers from the following:

Corporate abuse
Unsafe products and services
Predatory lending
False advertising
Astroturfing and

Nigerian Consumers Opinion Forum will use Opinion Polls and Surveys for findings and ratings on products and services in Nigeria; disseminating market information, and prohibiting specific acts or practices, or by promoting competitive forces in the markets which directly or indirectly affect consumers (such as transport, electricity, communications, etc.)

We shall act as public whistle blowers and watchdogs for the consumers in Nigeria to enforce consumer rights.

The right to Satisfaction of Basic Needs.
Access to basic goods and services necessary for survival, such as food, water, energy, clothing, shelter, health-care, education and sanitation.
Goods and services must meet the standard of quality promised such that there is value for money in the purchase.

The Right to Safety
Protection from hazardous products, production processes and services.

The Right to Information
Provision of information enabling informed consumer choice as well as protection from misleading or inaccurate advertising and labeling.

The Right to Choose
Access to variety of quality products and services at competitive prices.

The Right to Redress
Compensation for misrepresentation, shoddy goods and unsatisfactory public and private services, including the right to adequate legal representation.

The Right to Consumer Education
Acquisition of the skills required to be an informed consumer throughout life.

The Right to Consumer Representation
Advocacy of consumers' interest and the ability to take part in the formulation of economic and other policies affecting consumers i.e. the right to be heard.

The Right to a Healthy Environment
Habitation is a place that is safe for present and future generations and which will enhance the quality of their lives.

Please, note that the Nigerian Consumers Opinion Forum is not an NGO or a private company, but a free public opinion forum that will function from a general website where consumers will express themselves and post their comments or opinions on their experiences and observations of the numerous and various products and services given or sold to them in Nigeria.

We look forward to the cooperation and support of all consumers, producers, manufacturers, distributors, advertisers marketers, promoters and all those in Nigeria and abroad who care about the safety, security and welfare of Nigerian consumers.

The Nigerian Consumers Opinion Forum is a public opinion group of Nigerians Report® Online, the most authoritative and internationally recognized Nigerian news and information blog published and edited by Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, a registered member of the American Consumer Opinion®.  

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