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21 Reasons to Love Emirates' Dubai....Anytime

21 Reasons to Love Emirates' Dubai....anytime

Nigerians love for Dubai is certainly growing stronger and stronger. Nigerians love Dubai both as a shopping and trade destination as well as a leisure and hospitality hotspot! It is also the hub of Emirates Airlines, the world's fastest growing airline and probably the world's most admired.

There are many famous fun places and tourist attractions in Dubai. But there are so many others that are not so well known, but can offer both business class travellers and holiday seekers an unforgettable experience.

Though the summer is over, Dubai is still magnetic. What's On Dubai highlighted some great attractions. Here are 40 fresh reasons to love Dubai and discover it again.

1. Swim with Penguins.
You can get close to these lovely birds and swim with them in a swimming session. The experience also includes access to the snow park. And it is open till midnight on some days.
This is at the Ski Dubai, Mall of the Emirates. ( The Emirates.skidxb.com)

2. Do full moon yoga.
Talise Spa Madinat Dubai holds nightly yoga sessions on the sand, as you listen to the waves and gaze at the moon.

3. Get Frozen!
For the adventurous, you can brave the cryotherapy chamber- a cubicle cooled to minus 140 degrees! This freezing treatment at Cyro Health at Sports City's FitRepublik is said to speed up your metabolism and soothe aching muscles after an intense work out.

4. Bike Ride at night.
Biking is becoming a cool thing in Nigeria especially in the island and Lekki.
Dubai's Cycling Track on Al Qudra Road, is only a short drive from the city centre, but feels like a world away, as you pedal away under a blanket of stars.

5. Tour Dubai on an 'Okada'!
Ignore the tour buses. For a more adventurous way to see the city, check out Flybike, a tour company that takes you around Dubai on the back of a Honda Gold Wing motorcycle or a three-wheeled trike. There are also night tours.

6. Jog along the Jumeirah Beach.
If you are bored of the treadmill, take advantage of the cooler evening temperatures in Dubai by heading to this 14 kilometre spongy, purpose built track that runs parallel to Jumeirah beach. The ocean view is also breathtaking.

7. Camp at the Lakes
If you want to spend tad night under the stars, but don't want to risk getting stranded under the sand dunes, Al Qudra Lakes on the south has dozens of perfect desert camping spots.

8. Ride the World's longest slip and slide
Kids and families will love this. The world's longest slip and slide is heading for Dubai Motor City. Measuring an amazing 1,000 feet, you will be able to slide the length of the chute on a rubber ring.

9. New Ladies Night
There is new special ladies night as well as unlimited signature cocktails on Wednesday nights at the Media City haunt Crab Tavern, Media One Hotel in Dubai.

10. Enjoy a Butterfly Garden
A colourful butterfly could easily land on your nose in the enormous air conditioned domes in the Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubailand.

11. Eat like a caveman
For dinning with a difference, you can start your day with a protein packed brekki at The Cycle Bistro, Dubai's first fully paleo restaurant. It is at at the Dubai Autodrome, Motor City.

12. Sit in a cat Cafe
Ailuromania Cafe has 20 rescue cats lining inside the cafe so customers can enjoy a cuddle with their coffee and cake.
It is located next to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

13. Experience the largest Vox cinema
The new immersive cinema experience launching at the Vox Mall of the Emirates is a movie haven with the largest 4DX cinema in the region and the only IMAX laser cinema in the Middle East.

14. Enjoy the movie Scene Club
Pop along the UAE's only film club where you can watch the best independent movies. It is located at the Knowledge Village.

15. Experience a 360-degree cinema
Check out the Dome Box, a new 360-degree cinema theatre. It is at the Box Park on Al Wasl Road.

16. Browse old books
Get lost in some lovely second hand books at House of Prose. Once you read a book from there, you can bring it back for half what you paid for it.
It is located at the Dubai Garden Centre on Sheikh Zayad Road.

17. Meet Albino alligators
The Lost Chambers Aquarium at Atlantis, The Palm Dubai, is home to albino alligators. They have alabaster skin and red eyes. Quite fascinating.

18. Learn to play polo
Anyone can try the sport for kings at the Dubai polo academy. The expert instructors and well behaved horses will make the 90 minute lesson a great experience.
So one day you may start playing polo with the rich and famous!
The Dubai Polo Academy & Equestrian Club is at the Studio City, Dubai.

19. Shop at the biggest sports shop in the world
Dubai is on the brink of breaking another record with the opening of a new sports shop. Go Sport opening at the Mall of the Emirates hopes to be the biggest sports shop in the world.

20. Hang out with dolphins
Join the most lovable creatures of the ocean at Dolphin Planet, Dubai Dolphinarium.
From poolside dolphin interactions to deep water adventures, swimmers get a unique experience to meet these incredible mammals under the supervision of expert trainers.

21. Enjoy a dinner cruise

For newly weds or married couples who want a memorable dinner experience, you can try some of the Dubai dinner cruises

The Bateaux Dubai cruise has been rated as one of Dubai's top 10 experiences.
Located close to Maktoun bridge, Bateaux Dubai is moored in front of the iconic Emirates NBD Headquarters.

Emirates Airlines takes you direct to Dubai. But there are also many other airlines that fly to Dubai. Whether for business or pleasure, there are many reasons to fall in love with Dubai. So get up and go!  

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