Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Nigerian Government Did Not Cause the Predicament of Majority of Nigerians

 The Nigerian government did not cause the predicament of majority of Nigerians, but their own wrong choices in lifestyles indoors and outdoors.

There are too many empty lives in Nigeria, because majority of Nigerians have empty minds without focus and without purpose on the best values and virtues of life. That is why majority of Nigerians are under achievers and millions of Nigerian graduates are jobless and unemployable.
Majority of Nigerians don’t even know how to use their incomes to appreciate and improve their lives. They have no other ambition beyond their salaries and their ultimate ambition is to be rich? Even when they become rich for their selfish gratifications, they are still intellectually retarded and lack basic communication skills for their intellectual development.
It is difficult to tell the difference between a Nigerian graduate of a university and secondary school student, because majority of their lecturers are not qualified to be academic lecturers, but secondary school teachers.
Many Nigerian parents who are graduates of tertiary institutions cannot even help their children in primary schools with their school homework, but they know how to teach them how to dance and “twerk” to the most popular sexually explicit hip hop chants and songs in Nigeria which they play at the birthday parties of their children. Of course, only intellectually retarded parents will play adult songs for their innocent kids and later whine about juvenile delinquencies and profanities of their impressionable children who are most vulnerable to sexual abuse. The intellectual failures of majority of Nigerian parents in parenting have made their children to grow up into vulnerable adults who become targets and victims of the human predators who are the vicious dogs on the prowl; duping, kidnapping, raping and robbing the vulnerable girls and vulnerable women in every state in Nigeria.

Is it not shocking to see a female Nigerian graduate who was duped by a semi-literate secondary school drop-out who accosted her on the street and took away the thousands of naira on her? And she whined that the criminal used "juju" on her?
Or how can a female lawyer with Master of Laws (LLM) degree be deceived into marriage by a man who lied to her that he was a professional consultant when he was actually a driver without even a diploma.
What of a Nigerian Director-Director going to patronize a witch-doctor called "Babalawo" among the Yorubas to help him get promotion to become a Minister and the "juju" witchdoctor tells him to bathe with the blood of a slaughtered goat and then carry the sacrifice to the gods at the T-Junction of a road? But the witchdoctor is a semi -literate person who dropped out of school and with all his charms, he is still poverty-stricken and cannot help himself and this is the creature a whole Director-General who is a first class graduate of one of the premier universities in Nigeria pays thousands of naira to help him become a Minister!
He is not the only so called highly educated Nigerian who has been fooled by those who could not even pass their ordinary secondary school certificate examination.

The intellectual disabilities of majority of Nigerians have made Nigeria one of the worst places on earth to raise children with the dangers of widespread alarming cases of armed robberies, kidnappings, child trafficking and rapes, because they have chosen to live like dogs instead of living like civilized humans in a civilized world. They have failed to use their millions of GSM phones and access to the internet to improve their intellectual abilities, but using their over 155 million mobile phones and thousands of hours on the internet for idle gossip, trivialities and fraudulent acts. Millions of Nigerian adults waste hours on Facebook counting how people have “Liked” their photographs! Yes many Nigerian adults can be that childish and foolish and still don’t realize their follies, worsening their predicament, but later turn around to point accusing fingers at the government for failing them. What a tragedy of deceit.

The Nigerian youths who are the heroes of the Nigerian Dream have been doing their best in spite of the shortcomings and failures of the state governments and federal government caused by widespread corruption and broken government facilities and institutions. When you visit the public offices of local governments, state governments and the federal government you will see how dysfunctional they are and why they cannot improve the lives of Nigerians. The civil servants don't care about nation building, because they don't appreciate the values and virtues of equity and justice for patriotism. They are just there as their avenues for regular salaries and graft. And they are corrupt, from the office cleaner and messenger to the Director-General and Minister. Majority of them are collecting salaries, but are not doing their jobs, including the thousands of ghost workers. Bribery and corruption have made the public offices dysfunctional; because the government workers are irresponsible and unaccountable.

The irresponsible and unaccountable ways of majority of Nigerians expose the conceit and deceit of their religious lives, because majority of the so called Christians and Muslims don't practice the tenets of their religions. They worship more of Mammon than God and are possessed by the evil spirit of the dog which is clearly written in their Holy Scriptures, but majority of them live in denial of their tragedy in foolish disobedience and ignorance of the Truth. They continue their empty lives in fallacy and hypocrisy.
The churches and mosques have failed to reform and transform the lives of majority of Nigerians, because the majority of the church goers and mosque goers are hypocrites and liars who are possessed by the evil spirits of greed and lust.
The streets leading to many of the churches and mosques are bad and with offensive heaps of refuse, but these religious Nigerians see the rot for months and do nothing to repair the roads or remove the heaps of refuse. Their pastors and clerics are still seeing visions, but they cannot see how to repair their bad roads and even clear the nauseating heaps of refuse surrounding their churches and mosques. They prefer to live in denial of their own disobedience and ignorance of the Truth and continue fooling themselves in fallacy and hypocrisy of their religious piety.

Until majority of Nigerians change their corrupt and uncivilized ways of life and begin to appreciate the intellectual reformation and transformation of their society from every family in every community, Nigeria will never change from the present state of being a country where millions of people are harassed, terrorized and traumatized by horrible living conditions and where terrible criminals and terrorists are on rampage from the Niger Delta to Lake Chad and from Lagos to Abuja.
 Nigeria has one of the world's highest economic growth rates, averaging 7.4% according to the Nigeria economic report released in July 2014 by the world bank. poverty may have been overestimated because the country's economy is now being understood more and more. Poverty still remains significant at 33.1% in Africa's biggest economy. For a country with massive wealth and a huge population to support commerce, the level of poverty remains unacceptable.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, author of Children of Heaven, Scarlet Tears of London, Bye, Bye Mugabe, In the House of Dogs, Diary of the Memory Keeper, The Prophet Lied and other books.

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