Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Official Trailer of Malala Yousafzai's "He Named Me Malala"

“One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world,” said Malala.

The biopic was directed by renowned documentary filmmaker Davis Guggenheim who famous for his films "An Inconvenient Truth" and "Waiting for Superman".
The documentary is produced by Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald under their long-term production partnership with Image Nation Abu Dhabi and co-financed by Participant Media.

The documentary is based on Malala Yousufzai, a girl from Swat Valley in Pakistan who was targeted by the Taliban at the age of 15. She was severely wounded by a gunshot when returning home on her school bus.

"HE NAMED ME MALALA" will be aired by National Geographic Channel in 171 countries in 45 languages. It will also be promoted via Nat Geo through all of the company’s resources including the National Geographic magazine, National Geographic Digital Media, National Geographic Education Programs and National Geographic Kids.
“This is a film that you leave not only feeling incredibly inspired but truly wanting to make a difference,” said National Geographic Channels CEO Courteney Monroe.
“As leaders in bringing stories of global importance to the largest audience possible, it is more than just an honor to be part of this project, I feel it is our duty. That is why we are joining this project as true partners, from the global theatrical release through our eventual television broadcast, and dedicating our collective resources to bring Malala’s important journey and advocacy for girls’ education to millions of people worldwide.”

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