Monday, June 15, 2015

Is Golf Really Dying? Not If You Look At The 250,000 Millennials That Visit Golf's Brand New Site

NEW YORK, June 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Golf has been choking on the fumes of old man breath for too long. Numerous reports over the past two years have cited the astonishing decline of young people taking up the game, but one website is quickly changing things.

CLICKON Golf is putting the young flame back into the sinking ship that is golf, and it is doing it with a very loud bang.

Launched in July 2014, CLICKON Golf is a video sharing community for anyone who is crazy about golf. With a state-of-the-art multiple uploader where users can create channels formed of Vine, YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook videos, the website has become the place for every great golf video to live – whether it is funny, helpful or brilliantly nonsensical.

Unlike many of the aging golf publications that have alienated young golfers through dull content – CLICKON Golf assures its audience that nothing will be off-limits.

One of the first videos to blow up on CLICKON Golf  was when acclaimed golf coach Jonathan Yarwood teamed up with CLICKON Media's creative department. Fed up with the state of the industry, Mr. Yarwood told the cameras to roll before spitting a golf ball from his mouth and hitting it 150 yards on the volley.

It is this style of  content that has attracted over 250,000 millennial golfers to the site each month to watch, share and upload videos that celebrate golf's more light-hearted side.

"CLICKON Golf is a combination of the best qualities of YouTube, BuzzFeed and Elite Daily, shaped into a single platform for golfers who are tired of reading boring articles," said Benjamin Potter, CLICKON Media's Co-Founder and Creative Director.

The team are notorious rule breakers.  In fact, one of the core values at CLICKON is boldness – to never do anything that doesn't stand out from the crowd.

"We think differently. We push the boundaries. Following norms just isn't that fun," added Mr. Potter.
CLICKON Golf also answers the prayers of its impatient and unforgiving audience by outlawing pre-roll on videos and display advertising. So how does it generate revenue?

CLICKON Media's creative department – which was set up in March 2015 in NYC – works with advertises to create branded content that lives natively across the site.  The department also creates content for clients across the globe, outside of the golf sphere.

"We strive to provide the best user experience at all times, so native ads are really the best way of creating revenue streams without upsetting the audience," explained Richard Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO of CLICKON Media.

The future looks bright for CLICKON Golf – and hopefully for the game too. May the force be with you, millennials.

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