Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ascenergy, The Next Google of Energy

The Next Google in Energy.

In case you haven't seen the headlines - Oil and Gas in the US is booming & just getting started. What separates Ascenergy apart from the rest? Let's start with everything. Our Ascenergy approach reverses and disrupts the largest industry in the world by placing investors, not the company first.

How? We replace the risky non-transparent old "profit sharing" approach which places the company first with our innovative Royalty offering which places the investors first. Royalties are residual income derived from the Gross Sales, not diluted profits like the others. We don't stop here. We also boldly issue all of our purchasers a minimum well performance guarantee, in writing. No one else does this.

1) Company gets paid FIRST, Investors SECOND. Company pays off all its expenses first (payroll, bills, invoices) from the top line and investors share the diluted profits.
2) Absolutely no oil well minimum performance guarantees, nothing ever in writing.

1) INVESTORS get paid FIRST from gross revenues (royalties) and Company, not investor, gets the leftovers.
2) Purchaser receives a minimum oil well Performance guarantees - IN WRITING.

Finally, enjoy unlimited upside with a protected downside. Earn monthly passive income streams throughout the entire lifespans of your oil well(s). No longer are royalties reserved exclusively for privileged principals and mineral rights owners, now you can partake in them only with Ascenergy.

Ascenergy is proven & WELL-DIVERSIFIED, boasting over 20 elite, top tier oil fields. We've located $40 million in oil reserves with $50 million in projected gross revenues in 2015 with our explosive growth model. To date, we are 100% accurate at finding and producing oil. We boast being a vertical company, bonded, proven and a licensed operator in OK for 6 years. After demonstrating our model works, we are now expanding.
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