Friday, November 22, 2013

What Cinema Can Do: Festival of 3 Continents Honours South African Cinema

The 35th Festival des 3 Continents from November 19-26 is honouring South African Cinema. The annual international film festival has been held since 1979 in Nantes, France, solely devoted to the promotion of cinemas of Asia, and Africa and Latin America. Nigerians Report was invited to cover the 2013 edition.

Official Selection - International Competition

What cinema can do

Harshness and sensitivity: the films selected for 2013 blend, somewhat paradoxically, a porosity to the world and its violence with a sophisticated taste for oblique approaches and the joys of indirectness. State corruption with consequences that worm their way into the family core (El Mudo), one generation oppressing another (Bending the Rules), the confusion between the psychiatric institution and mental confinement (Til Madness Do Us Part), gangsterism (Poor Folk), the forced clandestinity of migrant life (L’Escale, Rêves d’or), teenage violence misunderstood (Leçons d’harmonie): but there is no need to limit ourselves to the documentary genre to find portraits of men and women struggling, resisting or quite simply surviving. Without yielding to the imperious aridity of fact or naturalist conventions, fiction also endeavours to create visions that express what cinema can do.

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Official Selection - Out of international competition
8 feature-lenth films of 2013.


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