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The United Nations of Digital and Technology

8 Nov 2013 14:44 Africa/Lagos

The United Nations of Digital & Technology

ISTANBUL, November 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --
This is how the 8200 attendees from 103 countries, the 300 speakers, exhibitors and 300 media perceived the Global Webit Congress. Over 160,000 people watched the Congress online.

The Global Webit Congress made its way among the biggest and most attended international forums for the digital and technology industry.

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Webit Congress's Founder and Chairman, Plamen Russev, gave an opening speech on 6 November 2013: "Today Istanbul is even more amazing! It welcomes some of the brightest people on Earth to attend the Global Webit Congress. Digital marketing and technology ecosystems, investors, entrepreneurs and scalable startups from all over the world shall connect and network during the 2 days of the forum." He also thanked the big number of sponsors, exhibitors and partners who supported the Congress and made it happen. "Webit is amazing in scale and unique in content" says Ben Barrocas, General Manager Marketplace of Google. "Webit is the United Nations of Digital" said Aseem Chadra, VP, Adobe. "For the past 5 years, Webit turned into one of the world's most exciting and important industry events", stated Andery Sebrant from Yandex. "Webit may establish Istanbul as one of the most important hubs of the global digital industry and as an attraction point for the talents, entrepreneurs, ideas and investors capital" was the most repeated phrase during the Congress by the thousands of attendees who visited from all around the world.

"For us, the Congress is not a magic as many attendees said. It is a result of very hard work by a huge team of amazing people who managed to bring top global experts and speakers from all around the world to join us in Istanbul and to be a magnet for the thousands of people from 103 countries to join" said  Aniela Russeva - Executive Director of Webit Congress . "The Istanbul edition is also a result of our partnership and friendship with Mr. Tarik Köni and his world class event organizing company - Plus Event Marketing - who managed the event set-up and venue in Turkey and helped a lot for the Turkish companies to understand and support Webit Congress- creating an environment for us to call Istanbul a home of the Global Webit Congress for the next year again.

Top representatives from Yandex, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Spotify, SoundCloud, Yahoo, Lenovo, Acer Nokia, Skype, Twitter, BBC, Unilever, Lakestar, TechCrunch, Pentagram, OMD, comScore, Gemius, PayPal, Blackberry, Intel, Crimton, Vivaki, Joulie, Mediabrands, Wall Street Journal and hundreds more were among the speakers of the Congress.

The Global Webit Congress send a number of messages and set trends for the industry. "Data is the new oil", said Chris Schaumann, EVP Nokia, while later the VPs of BBC, Twitter, Yahoo! and others challenged this topic further whilst discussing the future of Advertising on the Digital Marketing and Innovation stage in front of 3000 delegates. At the other side of the Webit Congress venue at the Leaders of the Future conference, top global entrepreneurs, investors and champions from Westen Europe, America, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia were focused on exploring new disruptive ideas, growing talents, sharing new ideas and ways to achieve them. The auditorium of the Metrix and Big Data Conference and the big eCommerce Conference were too small for the hundreds fo people who wanted to listen to the challenging content. The same could be said of the expo area - the event was sold out and a number of companies couldn't make it to become exhibitors. In this respect, the organizers plan to expand the Congress next year and to open more expo area for the local and international companies who want to exhibit.

About the Global Webit Congress
The first Global Webit Congress ( was held on 7-8 October 2009. Since then, every year the Congress has grown bigger and bigger, to reach the number of 8200 attendees in 2013, coming from 103 different countries. The Congress attracts the global digital, tech and telco elite and became one of the world's major networking business platforms as well as a place to hear great ideas by scalable startups from all around the world and meet top entrepreneurs and investors. The Global Webit Congress is organized by Webit Ambassadors Foundation and eAcademy. In Turkey, the event partner is Plus Event Marketing. Webit Congress is supported by all major industry associations including IAB, MMA, EACA, EGTA, OPA, Arab ICT Organization, Africa ICT Alliance and tens more.

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