Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gambian Prince Launches Digital Radio And TV For Africans Online

Photo: Beauty Meets The Brain. NTI XANNEN Radio & TV Founder Prince Bubacarr Aminata and "The Gambia´s Oprah Winfrey", Madame Fatou Camara, host of the flagship "FATU SHOW." The two celebrities would have made a glamorious and smart "power couple" on GRTS but that would be too much for some folks. Smartness and innovation are not welcomed in The Gambia.

Prince Bubacarr Sankanu is a Pan African leader who is a lawyer based in Germany.
He is one of the few young Africans who dream big and pursue their dreams without looking back until they have reached their ultimate goals and one of his dreams "NTI XANNEN Rajon do Televisonka (NXR.tv)" was launched on Tuesday 1st October 2013 to respond to the increasing information hunger of Gambians/Africans and the need for an independent media platform for innovative and liberal thinking.



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