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Lincoln Unveils the Future of Chauffeured Transportation

Lincoln Unveils the Future of Chauffeured Transportation

CLINTON, N.J., April 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- In the world of the executive chauffeured transportation industry, the future has arrived – with the introduction of the 2013 Lincoln MKT Town Car! Lincoln has discontinued the classic Lincoln Town Car Sedan in favor of the redesigned and much-improved 2013 Lincoln MKT Town Car. AAA Worldwide Transportation is pleased to announce that it has received 4 of these highly anticipated MKT Town Cars from the very first production line thanks to Jim O'Brien, the Sales Manager at Ditschman/Flemington Ford Lincoln. While the vehicle is sure to reshape the industry landscape, AAA Worldwide Transportation's move to outfit its MKTs with the latest iPads is destined to turn heads and propel its fleet into the fast lane.

The addition of iPads will greatly enhance the passenger's experience and improve efficiency.

While much has been redesigned for the MKT Town Car, the most obvious change is the vehicle's look. The Lincoln MKT Town Car now sports a car/SUV hybrid design to ease entry to- and exit from- the vehicle. The new design and moon roof also make for a more open feel than the previous Town Car. Increased back-seat legroom, rear seats that recline, rear window sun shades, and new controls that allow the passenger access to vehicle controls all make for an improved riding experience. Have an electronic device or two that need charging? No problem. The MKT Town Car boasts a 12 volt outlet, a 110 Volt inverter, and a USB port. Add to this a redesigned trunk space that allows for expanded storage capacity and a 300 horsepower engine and the MKT is sure to have people talking.

We all know that accidents happen, but Lincoln is doing its best to help chauffeurs prevent them. Without a doubt, one of the most notable areas of improvement is the vehicle's numerous safety features. For example, the MKT will be a particularly pleasant arrival for the northeast thanks to standard all-wheel drive, as opposed to the previous rear-wheel equipped Town Car. This will help navigate through the blustery winters and snow-covered roads, keeping both passenger and the chauffeur safe. The lane departure warning and blind-spot detection systems aid safety on the roads, while the Cross-Traffic Alert system is perfect for traffic detection in parking lots and at intersections. The MKT is also equipped with a rear-view camera that alerts the chauffeur to unforeseen objects when reversing. However, with chauffeurs spending so much time on the road, one of the more interesting additions is the driver alert system, which uses the chauffeur's own driving to provide an alertness rating on a six point scale. This can help the chauffeur to determine when some rest might be needed.

AAA Worldwide Transportation is proud to present what it considers to be the most advanced executive chauffeured transportation vehicle ever made thanks to its own proprietary after-market technology enhancements. In addition to the numerous factory-installed technology improvements, AAA will outfit the first of its 4 MKTs with the latest iPads. AAA has created its own back-office software application that will allow its chauffeurs to report directly to the office via an iPad. Using specially mounted iPads, chauffeurs can use this app to automatically plot out the best route to any destination and add any stops along the way before getting there, right there on the spot.

But wait, there's more! The iPad will also serve as a GPS for the vehicle and provide GPS tracking for dispatch. Access to the livery system and two-way text and voice communication between the chauffeur and both dispatch and the passenger are additional benefits. Furthermore, the Bluetooth integration through the iPad will mean that the passenger won't hear words or sounds coming in from dispatch. The ability to track flight and train times, as well as monitor road traffic, will ensure that all rides are done in the timeliest manner possible. The iPad will also function as an airport sign, a WiFi hotspot, the passenger's favorite newspaper or magazine, and so much more to create the perfect marriage of technology and transportation. Future enhancements will include remote vehicle maintenance tracking and notification, and many other exciting features that will enhance the riding experience.

As we say goodbye to the Town Car Sedan that has served thousands of executives across the country, the Lincoln MKT Town Car promises to be a significant improvement for both chauffeurs and passengers. The first production line has just rolled out so the new vehicles are now hitting the streets. Be on the lookout for the vehicle that is revolutionizing the whole executive chauffeured transportation industry.

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