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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cybornetics Trailer Release This Friday the 13th at 8PM!

Cybornetics Trailer Release This Friday the 13th at 8PM!

360 Sound and Vision will release its trailer for Cybornetics this Friday the 13th at 8PM Eastern time. Cybornetics, a new independent original science fiction movie about a group of scientists who transform a young man into a cyborg, is the much anticipated 2nd feature film written and directed by emerging artist, Dwayne Buckle.

360 Sound and Vision is an independently owned film distribution company located in Tribeca, New York City, which specializes in African-American Drama, Action, Science Fiction, Thriller and Fantasy based films, bringing a diversified niche to Black programming…that people from all races can enjoy.

The movie starring, Justiin A. Davis (Boardwalk Empire), James Rich, and Raw Leiba (Limitless), explores mankind's quest to merge with his technology.

Go to this Friday and catch a first time glimpse of this much anticipated movie which will be released this June.

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