Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cybornetics. Man's Own Creation, But Can He Control it!?

Cybornetics is a science fiction thriller on how a group of scientists who transform a young African American into a cyborg in mankind’s quest to invent the perfect combination of man and machine. But what happened next is beyond their greatest expectations.

There has never been so much adventure, intrigue and ambiguity in a science fiction film ever before in history!!

Starring James Rich, Raw Leiba, Justiin A. Davis, James Stover, Hillary Hawkins
Alan Bendich, Nate Steinwachs, Adonis Williams and Doug Rossi.

This is a new science fiction film from writer-director Dwayne Buckle.

A 360 Sound and Vision Presentation.
Make-Up Artist Ashley Thomas, Visual Effects by NYC Audio Video Post.
Produced by Barbara Michaels, Executive Producer Dwayne Buckle.

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