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Fintel Brings Famous Celebrity Salon To Nigeria

Fintel Brings Famous Celebrity Salon To Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria, April 5, 2012/Nigerians Report Newswire/ --

Fintel Universal Services Limited of Nigeria in partnership with (JK-INC, Ireland) having secured the Franchise of the famous Celebrity reality TV show titled, Celebrity Salon from Straywave is bringing the show to Nigeria and the whole of Africa in 2012.

The Celebrity Salon is a 12 part reality TV series that will challenge 6-8 top Nigerian celebrities cut across various industries (Nollywood, music, comedy, fashion and modeling, sports and broadcasting) to enter a "beauty boot camp" to learn many of the skills needed to become a top beauty therapist.

It will be a fun filled and entertaining look into the beauty world, which with a new twist, will see our celebrities on the road touring the best salons across the country where they will be mentored and trained in a new skill in every episode as they compete to impress their mentor and beauty guru and a series of expert judges.

Skills varying from facial treatment, nail and hair treatment, skin, massage techniques and photo shoot will be the main focus.

The show comes with a top foreign celebrity presenter, foreign and local directors, producers and crew to support the Nigerian cast and crew to produce a world class Celebrity Salon Nigeria.

The Celebrity Salon Nigeria will be aired in major TV stations across the country, cable TV channels and previewed in the foreign media for the global audience.

The celebrities would be paid appearance fees aside from prizes to be won based on their performances in various tasks given by the brands that would be represented.

The celebrities will travel, live and learn together over an intensive 2-4 week period.

The Celebrity Salon Nigeria for this first season would be pre recorded and not a live show and it is billed to be aired between the third and last quarter of 2012.

The choice of celebrities will be based on the following:

-Strength of their fan base in comparison to their contemporaries
-The type of corporate brand they are able to attract and secure for the show.
-Their availability for the total duration of the production
-Their acceptance to comply with the rules that would guide the show.
-Their oral capability, communication skills and humor which is needed to make the show a top notch.
-Their fashion flair and taste.

The related tasks that would be given to the contestants will see them perform on the most demanding celebrities, sport stars, models and most demanding members of the public.

At the end of the show, the celebrities would have acquired unique beauty skills, increased their fan base, go away with a lot of gifts and remuneration, command global respect and recognition, secured brand deals with major multinationals, etc.
Why Celebrity Salon Nigeria?

• We intend to create a platform to show case the essence of beauty in an African way/style
• We intend to use celebrities who are like idols and mentors to majority of the targeted audience to further drive the importance of beauty care, health care, fun and excitement among Nigerians
• We intend to use the platform to sensitize the target audience on necessary skill acquisition and drive them to seek the top most position in the beauty world
• It is a show for relaxation, skill acquisition, education, fun, entertainment, learning and association

About Fintel Universal Services Limited (FUSL)

FUSL is a company duly incorporated in Nigeria and carries on business as movie producers, distributors and marketers of home video and movies. And also helps independent producers secure distribution rights across Africa.
FUSL is currently in partnership with African Films TV in Senegal in South Africa, and id mage of France as a business ambassador for cinema distribution rights through video on demand distribution and mobile cinemas across Francophone countries.
FUSL represents the interest of Xpand Cinema (Slovenia), a leading 3D Global Entertainment Company and a major player in 3D glasses, accessories, equipments and installation.

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