Saturday, March 3, 2012

Who Says Google Plus is A Ghost Town Compared To Facebook?

Who says Google Plus is a Ghost Town compared to Facebook?

Any dummy can be on Facebook and the most annoying is the fact that Facebook is full of cloned profiles and pages of mostly retarded people and fan sites of personalities with fake friends approved simply to address their egos and insecurities. But Google Plus is for REAL PEOPLE with REAL PROFILES and REAL FRIENDS.

The real population of the users of Facebook is far less than the claims of over 500 million users, because majority of the users have up to four different Facebook accounts. And in fact, these clowns with clones of their profiles hop from one profile to another. I know users with multiple Facebook accounts with as many as ten profiles and creating multiple pages to boost their egos. So, all these millions of Facebook clones are included in the over half a billion users?

You can fool around on Facebook, but I doubt if anyone can fool around on Google Plus.
Comparing Facebook to Google Plus is like comparing Wall Street to Times Square.
It is only a ghost town to the ignorant multitudes who think it is another Facebook.

~ By Orikinla Osinachi

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