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Africa - The Land of Lion's Prides, Breath-Taking Scenery and Exotic Wildlife

30 Mar 2012 10:41 Africa/Lagos

Africa - The Land of Lion's Prides, Breath-Taking Scenery and Exotic Wildlife

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Kenya is a place of remarkable diversity of landscapes, wildlife and cultures. As we look towards the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations in May, this great country is most poignantly remembered as the place that Princess Elizabeth first learnt that she would become Queen. To commemorate this occasion, Bales Worldwide have designed an exclusive Queen's Diamond Jubilee tour with four departures from April to June 2012.

Kenya has long resonated with the Royal Family and you will understand why as you venture into the pulsating heartland of northern Kenya, Samburu, absorb the wealth of animal life in Lake Nakuru National Park and explore the game lands of the Masai Mara. Dine at the famed Aberdare Country Club, experience traditional Masai culture and enjoy luxury accommodation [ ] such as the SamburuSimba lodge, which overlooks the Buffalo springs and the UasoNyiro River, and the truly unique tree-lodge, The Ark.

Don't Miss: Tanzania has long been a must for any wildlife enthusiast and May is a fantastic time to experience the electrifying annual spectacle of the annual migrations across the Serengeti and the Masai Mara. See game in their thousands moving across the plains in search of fresh grazing land, an incredible journey that brings with it predators in their hundreds.

Lying off the coast of Tanzania, amidst the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar is an exotic mix of tranquil beaches, turquoise seas and the romantic scent of spices. It is a fascinating cultural hotchpotch of Arabic, African and European influences, melded together to create the perfect getaway destination to add to the end of your East African journey.

Don't Miss: Namibia is a land of ancient bushmen and sand dunes of the Namib Desert [ ]. Some of the tourist attractions include:

Skeleton Coast Park - This park contains the world's most spectacular coastal landscapes. Spooky sea mists and dangerous current dominate this area making it a ghostly and treacherous stretch of water for ships.

Fish River Canyon - Not only is it Namibia's amazing sight, but it is one of Africa [ ]'s natural marvels. As the second largest canyon in the world, it is a favoured destination for hiking and bird watching as the area is home to a diversity of wildlife.

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