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Google Says Nigeria Needs To Increase More Content Online

A Google Nigeria event. Photo Credit: No Surprises.

Google Says Nigeria Needs To Increase More Content Online

Jaraar Najeeb of Google says Nigeria needs to increase its contents online for economic growth.

Najeeb who is the Product Marketing Manager for Google’s African Operations was interviewed by Adeyemi Adepetun of The Guardian newspaper of Nigeria, published on Wednesday March 7, 2012.

Adeyemi Adepetun: How is Nigeria’s presence online presently?

Jaraar Najeeb: Lots of users are coming online, but compared to the large population in the country; I think the percentage is still low. So, Nigerians still need to be encouraged to embrace the online revolution.
There must be intense strategy to take entertainment online. So, with the increase in bandwidth, we would see more users coming online, but the environment must be conducive for this to be realizable.
So, in the coming year, more businesses will go online in emerging markets. So, activities must be created, because the more activities, the more economic growth.

Read the rest of this important interview on page 34/COMPULIFE of The Guardian newspaper of Wednesday March 7, 2012.

Google Loses Competition to Local Search Engine in Nigeria

The intense competition to secure the control of the most populous country in Africa has pitched Google the biggest and largest search engine in the world against local search engines in Nigeria and Google has lost to VConnect, a relatively new search engine launched just months ago.

Nigerians want to find more relevant and local information rather than global information and that's where VConnect comes into picture. VConnect gives more localized search results and this attracted the majority of people searching for more detailed information on people, places and things, making the new search engine the number one and largest local search engine in Nigeria.

Within a year of launch, VConnect has ranked among the top 5 Nigerian sites in Alexa Ranking and it is the only portal which allows businesses to generate real prospects and increase customers.

VConnect is also the first 24/7 tele-search service providing instant product, service, business information in Nigeria and over 300,000+ businesses have been listed and winning awards! In November 2011, VConnect won the Personalized Information Product Award of the Year from RIMA, an organization, which encourages the overall development of the information management industry in Nigeria.

VConnect provides optimized local search results, which are related to any product, service or business for a population of over 167 million people in Nigeria.
While Google aggregates search results from various websites, VConnect shows results for all businesses, products and services in Nigeria.

VConnect is not out to compete with Google globally, but locally.

Millions of Nigerians and others are connecting on VConnect where they can make the right connections for countless opportunities in Nigeria and beyond.

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