Thursday, December 28, 2017

Top 10 Achievements of President Donald Trump in 2017

1. GDP increase above 3%

2. 1.7 million new jobs - 4% unemployment. Are you listening, Mr. Obama?

3. Dynamic tax reform package. Take notice of your "take home" pay 2nd week in February.

4. Executive Order to boost appprenticeships. Are you listening, Democrats?

5. Priortizing women-owned businesses $500 million in SBA loans. Are you listening, Democrats?

6. 73 new Federal judges nominated. Supreme court nominations look to be promising.

7. Created a VA hotline. Where were you Mr. Obama? Golf course?

8. ISIS has lost virtually all it's territory under Mr. Trumps military directives.

9. Increase defense spending - knock on wood. Where were you, Democrats? Not acting like FDR,
for sure.

10. Saved "Merry Christmas"!... 'bout time.

Source City Pages.

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