Saturday, August 6, 2016

Ignorance is the Worst Calamity of Nigerians

Ignorance is the worst calamity of Nigerians and not political corruption or terrorism. Ignorance has destroyed more lives than corrupt politicians and terrorists.

Nigerians suffer many self-inflicted predicaments, because of their disobedience and ignorance.

They refuse to learn from the terrible mistakes of others and end up repeating them and suffering the horrible consequences.

What the masses need most is not political change of government, but just commonsense and conscience to be more informed and enlightened to improve their lives. But majority of them are intellectually retarded, because they don't read.
The fact that toxic fumes from generators still kill Nigerians after they have been warned of the dangers in the manuals shows how disobedience and ignorance have caused their woes and not political corruption and crime.

Freedom without wisdom causes chaos in every kingdom.

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